Dear Parents

Please find below some amazing benefits of your ward taking the SAT or ACT.

  1. An added Advantage for Merit-Based Scholarships. Many colleges and universitiesoffer National Merit Scholarships, institutional grants and in some cases, these grants cover full tuition. Don’t lose out on free money. Grab the opportunity and take the test.
  2. Some UK schools listed on Commonapp require that you take the test.
  3. With a low high school GPA, you can enhance your chances for university admission by excelling in the ACT/SAT.
  4. You can evaluate your capabilities and weak points through the Test. This helps you to identify your weak subjects based on your performance. This is a fertile ground for further improvement in your studies.
  5. It can be a great asset for your employment. The perks of a good ACT/SAT score go beyond your education. As a newbie in the workforce, great scores can show your prospective bosses that you’re the employee they’re looking for.
  6. There’s a science section in the ACT test. This gives you an added advantage if you’re planning on becoming a (STEM) student. Thus science-based universities will consider you first.
  7. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after taking the ACT/SAT test.Passing the ACT test is an accomplishment you can be proud of. It will boost your confidence and this added credential can boost your chances of getting into your college or university of choice.

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