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The University of Guelph is a comprehensive research public university in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Last Friday, they organized an “accepted students dinner” for all admitted students, at the African Regent Hotel in Accra. Prospective students and their parents were able to interact with the admissions representative- Mr. Ernest Damalie and a parent of a Ghanaian student who is currently in his 2nd year at the University of Guelph. It was a very informative event.

Reflection by Accepted Student-Christel Dickson DP2

Participating in the University of Guelph’s admitted students dinner was a very insightful experience. I met potential Gryphons and I had the opportunity to interact with a parent of a current Gryphon, Ms. Victoria. From her, I received advice on how to manage finances and the best residency to apply for as a first-year student. It was really nice to have a parent’s perspective. Both Mr. Damalie and Ms. Victoria revealed the pros and cons of university life as a first-year student and an international one for that matter. I learnt so much more about the school through this meeting such as the work experiences I can undertake in and out of school and the numerous facilities available to students. I discovered that for a school like Guelph, you may still be accepted into your faculty if you are one or two points off your predicted grades, however he added that most admitted students excel and meet their conditional offer requirements so there should be no room for complacency in the final exams”.  

Below is a picture of Christel with Mr. Damalie (Univ. of Guelph Admissions Officer) and the parent- Ms. Victoria).

Guelph has a warm, exciting diverse learner friendly community established and committed to one purpose to improve lives. Visit:

At U of G, the flexibility of programme specialization gives students a mixed class of outstanding career paths as students navigate through class experiences, internships, student life on campus enriched clubs and associations creating life balance, social interaction and network.

Top Programmes Business, Arts, Engineering, Applied and Social Sciences giving students the opportunity for work-study programmes as miscellaneous financial support for students. Visit:


  • $750 residence deposit must be submitted by the deadline posted in the Offer of Admission in order to be guaranteed a space in residence. Priority is given to first years and it is advisable they stay on campus and can move out in the second year.  Deadline for first years to make a deposit is June 3, 2019.
  • It is more affordable leaving on campus than out of campus. Student arrangement is made for pick-ups at the airport. A Facebook account is created for newbies to gel into their new environment before official arrival on campus. Visit:

Scholarship Information

The University of Guelph encourages all qualified students to pursue scholarships to assist with the financial demands of a university education. They are given on merit basis for first years. In subsequent years, one is expected to apply for those available. Once a student is eligible for some scholarships, they can apply for all. It doesn’t matter the number. As part of scholarships, students can apply for paid jobs on campus. There are over 4,000 on-campus jobs from which to choose.

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