Dear Parents

Students from our IB Class of 2019 have received the following offers to date. The most notable universities/colleges are highlighted in yellow.

The universal response date is 1 April for most remaining regular decision replies. And we are praying and hoping to hear more exciting offers.

Cornell University, USA

Bucknell University, USA

University of Tampa, USA

College of Wooster, USA

Princeton University, USA

Rollins College, USA

Lehigh University, USA

Knox College, USA

Georgia State University, USA

Rutgers University, USA

University of New Haven, USA

University of Hartford, USA

University of Cincinnati, USA

Calvin College, USA

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

University of Miami, USA

Moore College of Art and Design, USA

University of Kent, UK

University of Bristol, UK

University of Bath, UK

University of Reading- UK

University of Nottingham, UK

University of Gloucestershire, UK

Brunel University London, UK

Loughborough University, UK

Birmingham City University, UK

Nottingham Trent University, UK

University of Central Lancashire, UK

University of Toronto, Canada

Queens University, Canada

Carleton University, Canada

Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

Trent University, Canada

Brock University, Canada

York University, Canada

University of Guelph, Canada

New York University- Abu Dhabi (UAE)

University of Nicosia Medical School, Cyprus (3 students)

University of Debrecen Medical & Dental Schools (3 students)

Lancaster University, Ghana

American University of Paris, France

Have a lovely week.