Dear Parents

Dear Parents,
It’s almost time! 8 more sleeps. As the building will not be handed over until 5 September, the starting date for all classes – Preschool and Primary – will now be Monday, 9 September. The staff who have been training in PYP and organising their units of inquiry are excited and looking forward to welcoming and working with your child/ren. There will be a parent orientation session from 2.00 – 3.00pm on 9 September.

Please note the following:
• School opens at 8.00am and closes at 4.00pm.
– Classes commence at 8.30am and end at 2.45pm.
– Supervision of students will commence at 8.00am and end at 4.00pm.
– All students must have left the campus by 4.00pm.
• Snack and lunch will be provided each day.
– Please advise if there are any dietary requirements by 4 September, so that we can
satisfy these requirements.
– If parents wish to provide their own snack and lunch for their child/ren, then please
advise by 4 September so that catering requirements can be adjusted.
– The menu for September is attached for your information.
• Uniform requirements are still being finalised so students should wear comfortable clothing.
• Transport requirements will be surveyed during September to identify any needs (on a user- pay basis).
• The Primary School will be using shared facilities with the main campus until the second stage of the project has been completed.
• Proof of immunisation records are required, if evidence has not been submitted.
• Parents must also discuss any medication needs with the school nurse of first aid officer.
• Admission fees must be paid prior to starting at the Primary Campus. Semester fees should be paid by the start of school. Parents requiring a payment plan may download the form at:

• Key staff are:
– Mr Jacob Lumumba – PYP Coordinator: [email protected]
– Ms Margaret Andoh-Okai – Early Years Leader: [email protected]
– Mrs Ekua Mansoa Addae: Senior Admin – [email protected]

When you arrive on Monday, 9 September, staff will lead you to your child’s class.
The Primary Years Program (PYP)
TIS is now a Candidate School for the Primary Years Programme (IBPYP), for 3 to 12 year olds. As a student-centred programme with responsible action at its core, the PYP focuses on developing internationally-minded learners through an inquiry-based approach. It emphasizes the holistic development of the child, equipping them to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own learning.
By honing students’ transdisciplinary skills and incorporating local and global issues into the programme of inquiry, students mirror the IB Learner Profile becoming active, caring, lifelong learners, who demonstrate respect for themselves and others, and take positive action in the world around them.

These objectives are achieved through the exploration of Six broad themes: (Who We Are, Where We are in Place and Time, How We Express Ourselves, How the world Works, How We Organize Ourselves and Sharing the Planet) which look at connections and applications across the following disciplines:
• Languages: English; Sign Language
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Studies
• Arts:
– Performing Arts-Dance/Drama, Music
– Creative Arts-Visual Arts
• P.S.P.E (Personal, Social & Physical Education) and
• ICT (Information & Communication Technologies)

By this transdisciplinary approach, the PYP makes learning meaningful, engaging, challenging and significant.
Looking forward to seeing you on 9 September.

Dr Ken Darvall
Principal 29 August, 2019