Dear Parents

Every year TIS students receive 100% university placements into reputable accredited universities in Ghana and abroad with generous scholarships. University applications go beyond academic grades. The quest for new discoveries, innovative minds with resourceful attitude, creative spirit, initiative, grit, intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, and many others are what universities look out for in any
prospective applicant. At TIS, the “College Guidance department is the engine room” (quote by TIS parent ’19). We ensure the smooth transitioning of students from high school to the respective universities and with the solid foundation of ethical and soft skills development, character formation deliberately integrated into the curriculum. With personalized guidance right from day 1, we find best-fit universities for students as their path to their future careers. Doing what we do best we ensure that no student is left behind!

Our Roles include but are not limited to:

  • Teaching Life Skills
  • Organising university visits on TIS campus and college tours outside of school
  • Subject selections and career guidance
  • University selections and the application process
  • Scholarship and financial aid application processes
  • College essay and personal statement workshops
  • Standardized test registration support (TIS is a Test Centre for SAT, ACT, Pre-ACT & PSAT)
  • Mock interviews and many more…

Enjoy the rest your day!