Dear Parents

PYP teamWe all had some ideas as well as great expectations when we joined the TIS team, well, we been totally blown away by our experiences so far. The past few weeks have been simply amazing! TIS is indeed a family school. The love from everyone has been great: from the warmth of the founding family, and the warm welcome of Dr. Ken, to the authentic camaraderie of existing staff. These have all provided a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, enabling us to settle in and bond quickly with each other.

Not only has the journey been exciting, it has been super challenging as we move through workshops on our newest TIS IB curriculum the PYP!

With the Primary Years Programme (PYP) being a new set up within the school, we have had to revisit the IBPYP files. The most challenging part of our training has been the process of putting together from scratch our programmes of inquiry. Believe us, it’s a lot
of hard work which we have immersed ourselves into! We’re having to exercise so much cognitive effort that by the time our working day is over, we are totally spent. Although it has been a new learning journey, we’re taking huge strides each day, with the support of
our knowledgeable, efficient Coordinator and Team Leader, as well as our loving, vibrant PYP buddies. Now we are confidently speaking the IB language and our programmes of inquiry are progressing along very well. This has been a fantastic learning experience which will stick with us for many years. We have become more knowledgeable, openminded inquirers, who are ready to start PYP with a bang!

We had an awe-inspiring moment when the secondary student leaders visited us earlier this week. We were impressed by how confidently they articulated their ideas, and most of all, by their infectious desire to make an impact in the community. As the epitome of the learner profile, they gave us first-hand evidence that the IB approach gets results. We imagined what our own PYP learners look forward to achieving by the time they reach DP, having experienced up to fifteen years of IB education. Wow the thought is exciting, as their days ahead will ensure life long, international minded inquires in all fields of profession.

We do not take lightly this huge responsibility of preparing children to be lifelong learners. Actually, we’re excited to take up the challenge of nurturing learners who can think and create and solve the problems of our society.

When we welcome our own newbies on 2 September, we will not just be ushering in another batch of learners. We’ll be opening our portals to a new generation of internationally-minded individuals, who will change the narrative of our nation, our continent and indeed the world at large.

We are honoured and humbled to have been chosen by TIS to join this revolution, and we are revving to make an impact.

Come on PYP! Let’s Do This! Of Course, We Can!