Dear Parents

Would you like to sponsor a child (ren) to attend the upcoming TIS production, The Marriage of Anansewa? You can do so by purchasing tickets for children from orphanages and also nearby schools. At GHC 20 we can give children the opportunity to enjoy another production of TIS students.

A huge thank you to our students’ director Portia’s Mummy who is sponsoring 100 Children from the Ashaiman community. To sponsor a child, contact Ms. Abigail +233 54 393 6488.

The Marriage of Anansewa Journey

My expectation for school play is that we all perform to the best of our abilities and we enjoy ourselves to our limit. ~Cyril Davis Grade 10.

For this year’s marriage of Anansewa, I expect to develop my skills in acting and being confident in front of a crowd. This is my first time being part of a main cast so I find it hard balancing school work and everything with the school play. This should help me in my self-management because I know transitioning into the DP, I’ll have more stress on me. I expect to be the best character and for the audience to enjoy my performance, as well as the cast and ensemble. From what I have experienced, I can tell that this school play will be a blast!
Last, I can’t wait for the after party. Food is a necessity in these times you see!!!!! ~Nadia Bawumia G10

My expectation for “The Marriage of Anansewa” is that I, as an instrumentalist, do the best I can do and enjoy myself. This is also my first time being part of the schools’ production so I am really looking forward to it. I also expect to improve my self-management skills because I have had to juggle between schoolwork and school play and Personal Project. I am looking forward to the play! ~Joshua Mefful G10

Order your MOA T. Shirt – Contact Ms. Abigail at the CASSA office

Thanks for the being part of the TIS family.