Dear Parents

What a week it has been! It was the first time TIS, as an MYP authorised school, conducted a mock for the on-screen examinations. Starting last academic year with the End of Year Assessments for Grade 9 through AssessPrep (an application that simulates the IB MYP on-screen examination) and the End of Semester Examination last year, our pioneer MYP5 students were ready to take on the challenge of sitting a full on-screen examination in the mocks. To standardise the use of IT equipment and to offer equal opportunities, TIS has upgraded its IT hardware for on-screen examination use to include standalone or all-in-one personal computers with accessories including headsets, keyboards and mouse which are compatible with the requirements of the IB. All students had to do was to walk into the examination hall with a pen or pencil and their water bottles.

It was a sight to behold when the sixty-strong cohort sat the examination for Mathematics, Language & Literature and the Interdisciplinary learning (ID) e-assessments. There was a sense of accomplishment; indeed, there had been a lot of preparation towards this week. The experience in the elective subjects (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History and Geography) was equally fulfilling. It was interesting to see how our MYP5 IT natives navigated the various sections of the on-screen exams. One thing was evident, there was full engagement. Each onscreen assessment lasted two hours, but considering the sustained energy of the MYP5 students, one would never have thought they had been sitting and thinking critically for two hours. The varying media in the assessments, which included interactive tools, videos and audio sections, allowed the students to access the problem-solving tasks using their ATL skills and subject-knowledge applications.

This mock session was also an opportunity for our IT support team to familiarise themselves with the full implementation of the onscreen examinations. They were up to the task, assisting and providing technical support in every e-assessment. Teachers, who also served as invigilators and supervisors, can also attest to the unforgettable experience of getting MYP5 ready each morning for this first mock of its kind at TIS. There is no doubt that, as a school, we are nearer to achieving our goal of hosting the first whole-school MYP on-screen assessments in May 2020, in Ghana.

Enjoy the rest of the day.