Dear Parents

Before this academics year, our school day was running on a 5 day rotation period and each day started with rising bell at 6:00am and classes starting from 7:30am – 3:45pm. As a dynamic school and with the wellbeing of the students at heart, we understand that balance, a good night sleep and a healthy diet are essential. Starting from this academic year, the school runs on a 6-day cycle and each day
the bell rises at 6:45 am, classes run from 8:30pm – 4:00pm. There is a 30-minutes break before ASA. Not to mention that now we have a 25 minutes snack break and 55 minutes for lunch. You can read that great book, get to discuss your project with a teacher, enjoy the beautiful gardens or even play a chess game with your friend while talking about that great TOK class. While others have attributed the new wave to climate change (longer days and shorter nights) others believe these have been their best days so far. Students and staff were asked about their views and this is what they had to say:

The extra hours for snack and lunch are good for class settlement, as students seem more relaxed and punctual. As a hostel parent, the flexible mornings make inspection easy and it is admirable to watch my boys up and early to start a great day. I personally adapt to change and make things work. TIS is constantly evolving and reflecting, therefore, I think when we give it more time we will be able to conclude the effectiveness of the new system and its impact on the efficiency on both students and staff. ~Dennis Akortah, teacher and hostel parent.

Its flexible and my students look more rested in the morning, I am yet to adjust my family responsibilities. ~Sandra Assan, Psychology Teacher and Wellbeing Counselor

I think the new format is very helpful because we get enough sleep and enough time to do our work. The 6-day rotation is also better because all my subjects are spread out properly, leaving me with enough time to complete my work. Although the new format was a bit confusing in the beginning, it has been beneficial so far. ~Araba E. Mensah, G10

Punctuality is an issue for me and most of my mates, so with the new school day schedule I am able to be punctual, and I am actually arriving earlier to class from meals and completing my chores in the hostel. I am getting more work done. ~Anonymous.

Stay tuned for more feedback about the new day schedule on next week’s bulletins.

Enjoy the rest of your day.