Dear Parents

Developing healthy habits when you’re a teenager will help you as you grow into an adult. Thus, the absence of a healthy you will affect your body. Ultimately, it is the key to living a productive and satisfying life. This statement resonate with our Dad Mr. Alphonse Adjavon’s favourite quote, ‘A sound mind in a sound body,’’ culminates the best management practice.

A very big thank you to our resource persons Dr. KK, Dr. Sally and Dr. Rafia for such an insightful presentation on teen health.

Reflections from students

“On 22 November, Catherine and Cecilia hostels had a joint common room meeting in the Einstein Exam Hall where Dr. Sally, from Korle BU Teaching Hospital, and Dr. Rafia, from Tema General Hospital, had an in-depth discussion with us on most problems associated with adolescence. The topics included hygiene, menstruation, STDs and teenage pregnancy. I definitely learnt a lot especially about the complications that come with teenage pregnancy. The doctors were also very open and answered every question with as much detail as possible.” ~ Akua Boatemaa Okyere

“We had a visit from two female doctors who came to speak about personal hygiene, menstruation, mental health, depression, reproductive health, teenage pregnancy and other topics. It was very informative and interesting to hear some views I wasn’t aware of, even though I already had information on some of the topics they spoke about. They were able to share with us some stories of young girls and boys. They also give us a lot of advice on how to take care of ourselves, both hygienically and socially. It was a free environment for everyone to share and it was a nice learning experience.” ~ Nana Yaa Owusu Manu

“I had always known the basics of maintaining good personal hygiene but to gain in-depth knowledge on these everyday activities we go through was truly enlightening. The speaker, Dr. KK, gave us helpful info on the effects of bad personal hygiene and how to deal with it in the best possible way. He also addressed common misconceptions of personal hygiene maintenance that were not accurate, but widely accepted. In addition to all this, he talked of the stage of adolescence and all the problems and changes we might go through. The session helped us as boys understand our bodies more and improve upon the surface understanding that we previously had.” ~Edward Quansah

“Intriguing, eye-opening, lively and perspective-changing are some of the first few words that come to mind when I recall the talk we had on Friday. I wouldn’t exchange the knowledge I attained that evening for anything. I left the room thinking long-term, more aware of how my current choices affected the woman I will become, and how my choice to be reckless now could cause me the privileges of being a woman. I was shocked at some of the new information that was shared about teenage pregnancy, and it changed my perspective of how “grown” and “ready” I thought I was. I’m thankful to the hostel guardians and the school for giving us the opportunity to grow in knowledge and understanding every day.” ~ Elinam Apreku

“Last Friday, when we all heard that we were going to have joint common room about hygiene and health, everyone thought it was just another one of those boring presentations that we witness almost every time because at this age we feel like we know everything there is to health and hygiene. But this talk was different, it didn’t only focus on stuff like brushing your teeth twice a day, etc. We spoke issues we face as we phase throughout age groups so it went deeper into mental health than physical which was really interesting and not routine.”~ Anold Gyateng

On Friday, 22 November, Doctor KK came to talk to the boys of TIS about Teenage Health. He talked to us about a lot of different things, ranging from Body Odour to Reproductive Health. I think that this was well timed as there were complaints earlier in the week about things similar to what Doctor KK said. He talked to us about the different things that we need to do in order to keep ourselves healthy, and to avoid things like having odd body odours. Another thing he mentioned was depression, and he defined it to us as a moment when someone loses interest in normal activities and becomes distant and anti-social. In all, I feel as though this talk was very useful as it allowed us to be more knowledgeable as he told us it isn’t right to make fun of those with bad body odours, or those whose puberty hasn’t fully reached them, as this is a common thing, but with this talk I feel as though this will stop. It was a pleasure to have Dr. KK come and speak to us about the Teenage Health. It has impacted the boys’ hostel, and we are grateful to have him with us.’’ ~ Ryan Tano (MYP4)

‘’The health talk was very insightful and a very necessary talk. It touched on areas which needed to be addressed. It taught us to know more about our bodies and also the importance of keeping it healthy. I saw it very wise that an individual who was young was brought in to communicate with us effectively and tell us the importance of having good personal hygiene. I believe that it would bring a drastic change to the health status in the school, and also reduce the rate at which individuals report to the infirmary. This is because now that they have been taught how to keep themselves clean and healthy the rate at which people fall sick will reduce. I hope we would have more of the health talk sessions to enlighten us more.’’

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.