Dear Parents

Please find below some reflections from the new students executives on their orientation program held at Peduase Valley Resort.

Selali, Academics Executive

This 2019experience was very engaging and fun. I have learnt a lot of skills that have given me an idea of how to take up the role of the academics executive more easily and effectively. It has really exceeded my expectations and I am extremely grateful that I took part in this activity; it was extremely helpful.

 Phoebe Agyarko, Chapel & Religious Affairs Executive

C’est possible! This, is the phrase that has stuck with since the beginning of the workshop and till now. Undoubtedly I have learnt so many things such as: people move at their own pace and trust and communication is key. These values came to life when we engaged in many fun activities for us to bind together as a team. Watch out for council ’19!

 Steve Williams Jnr., Francis Hostel Executive

We left the school full of expectation and excitement at 7:30am to arrive at Peduase resort. We were met by Mr. Michael Ohene- Effah and his lovely team and we were lectured on the topic of leadership whilst carrying out fun interactive activities. In the end, I feel like I am a better leader and those leadership skills I acquired will not only benefit me in my position as a hostel prefect, but in my life as a whole. I cannot wait to make Francis hostel the best hostel ever!

John Quartey, Anthony Hostel Executive

We woke up around 6:50 in the morning, got ready, and with so much enthusiasm head to the bus for a day full of knowledge and inspiration at Peduase Valley Resort. Our trainer for the day, Mr. Michael Ohene-Effah, was so interactive and innovative; I don’t think that there would have been a better person to train us to be better leaders for TIS. Honestly, I came without any expectations but, I am leaving with new knowledge on how to better myself as a leader and to do a better job for my hostel.

 Yeyo Padikuor Nartey, MPH and Dining Affairs Executive

Before today’s conference, Judah and I did not know what to expect. We both thought it would be one of those meetings where all the speaker does is talk as we listen and take notes, but today’s session with Mr. Mike was far from that. The leadership session was very involving with a lot of interesting and educational activities. We learnt a lot about leadership and how to be good role models in the TIS community. As MPH Executives, we have decided to work on our communication skills as well as our tone when addressing the student body. All in all, it was an engaging and very insightful and inspiring experience.

 McKevin Zukowski, Entertainment Executive

To be frank, we both thought this conference would be exhausting and tiring. After going through such an involving learning experience, we had so much fun learning how to become great leaders and we are bringing innovative and fun ideas to the table for the perfect Saturday nights. We look forward to this journey and doing the best we can for the student body.

Christal Perdison, Cecilia Hostel Executive

This experience was a truly insightful one! Having to wake up at 5:30 am on a Saturday, to drive to a town which was about 2 hours away, Ayeyi and I were the least bit excited to come for this seminar. But we had the time of our lives, building stronger bonds with each other as council members and striving to grow as leaders. One thing we both learned was to always push ourselves to the absolute maximum because the end goal is worth it. Council ’19 is coming for you!!!

Davina Yawson, Catherine Hostel Executive

The leadership workshop that was held at Peduase proved to be an eye opening experience. This interactive session allowed us to bond us a council and empowered us to become better leaders. We were able to devise a detailed plan to guide us through our term as hostel executives. We learned how to communicate with different people and cater to various personalities and temperament.

Kodjo Boateng,Sports Executive

I had low expectations at the beginning of the trip because, I did not know what exactly we would be doing that would require the whole day. Michael, our instructor, thought us a lot and made us appreciate and accept ourselves. In ways I thought which were impossible as he taught us the meaning of being a leader, what a leader does and how a leader is formed. In conclusion, we learnt more about ourselves and understood who we were. And the qualities involved in making TIS a better a place.


Akua Okyere, Head of Council

As the HOCs our duties are not limited to the student body and administration. We also owe it to our council to develop and work towards our goal which is, “To develop balanced students.” There were so many take-aways from this insightful session but one lesson that hit home is “Influence.” Leadership is all about influence and to influence people, you must let them be at their best when they are with you.


Have a lovely week.