Dear  Parents

Standardisation is a key part of the MYP program. As we are getting to the end of the MYP 5 Personal Project, this is one area teachers need to master before the end of the year. The process involves teachers or supervisors meeting to come to a common understanding on the assessment criteria and achievement levels and how they are applied. In doing so, teachers increase the reliability of their final judgements. The process of internal standardisation must take place before final achievement levels are awarded. Standardisation throughout the school year promotes consistency and builds common understandings about student achievement with respect to the MYP objectives. For the past three weeks now, teachers have been taken through the process of standardisation in the MYP Personal Project.

On the 11 September, we were given the chance to assess a sample Personal Project. We looked at Criterion A of the project. I think it was a very good exercise, because it helped us (me) to understand better what I am supposed to look for in my student’s Personal Project. I sincerely wished we had done that earlier when we started the process of Personal Project and the selection of supervisors. It would have been of great help. Nonetheless, it is not too late to learn the right thing. Thank you, Sylvester! Amanda Tay (HOD Language Acquisition)

“Personal Project Workshop was an eye opener to the realities involved with assessment of the various components. It gave us a first-hand experience of what to expect when grading the work of our students; how we critically examine and award points for the report generated by students. We also got to assess our judgment against chief examiners and what they look out for. I believe that we are going to be better equipped in the future sessions in order to assess personal projects accurately.” Nana Yaw Ankama-Asamoah (Music Teacher)

It was a good exercise that opened us up to understand what to look out for in a student’s work based on the assessment criteria. This becomes important in providing the necessary feedback to students. Since we could only assess criterion A, I am excited about the outcomes we will arrive at for the criteria yet to be assessed. Mavis Tetteh-Ocloo (Visual Arts Teacher) The Personal Project (PP) in TIS has commenced and the beginning of any venture can be overwhelming and challenging, but we are not backing down. We believe the Personal Project will effectively prepare students for their Extended Essay at the DP level. Our last PP meeting was enlightening and eye-opening, it paved way for a better understanding of the PP concept. With the standardisation exercise, I am confident about the approach to use to assist my students. Yes, we can! Grace Attram (CASSA Team)

The last couple of staff meetings have been exciting and very informative, as they have provided me with the opportunity to have some hands-on review of the role of the MYP Personal Project Supervisor, with regards to the standardisation process. The sessions were very helpful, for me as a first-time supervisor of the Personal Project, as it gave me an in-depth understanding of the process as well as a clear direction as to how to effectively support my student to successfully complete his Personal Project while meeting the requirements. It was a great learning experience! I was a bit unsure about some of the specific requirements for each strand of the various criteria for assessing/evaluating the Personal Project. What I found most insightful was the detailed explanation and review of the comments that other examiners had made, as well as the analysis of the scores awarded to the Personal Projects of the “sample student work” which we reviewed and deliberated on. I am most grateful to Mr. Sylvester Wellington, the Personal Project Coordinator, who kept it engaging and worthwhile. Eunice (Aryee) Fianu (College Guidance Counsellor)

Thank you for being part of the TIS family