Dear Parents

Miss Akuvi’s story was just so inspiring because of how she told us about her high school life and how she overcome it. Her story was local and traditionally based and it brings the culture and how they used to tell stories and how the education used to be. ~Aseda Caesar. Grade 8

I was inspired and touched by Miss Akuvi’s story as she was able to translate painful childhood experiences into an eye catching story, which plays into the life of another character. I believe this will have more of an impact on the readers who will feel as if the character in the book understands their struggles and they will want to learn from the actions which the character took in solving their problems. ~Deborah Gomado Grade 10

The book launch really inspired me, especially when Miss Akuvi came to talk to us about her high school life. It was actually really emotional listening to everything she has been through but I am happy she is compiling them to teach the young ones who will become the future leaders that bullying is not acceptable. ~Cynthia Nutsuakor Grade 10

Hearing about the main concept of the book was f  antastic, but what really caught me to the core was the stories of life experiences of
bullying they shared. To me, what such people went through is what I call bullying. The book seems to be really inspirational and I hope I’ll get to read it soon. ~Nana Yaa Owusu-Manu Grade 8

Last week we had a Special Assembly. The “Dadia BE” book was launched. The author shared her life experiences and I hope to read
this book soon. ~Annette Ajavon Grade 8

On Thursday, 5 September 2019, we had a book launch. The speech Ms. Akuvi Adjabs gave made me realise that I could do anything
if I put my mind to it. There is nothing out of reach. The one thing she said that inspired me was nothing lasts forever and we can manage
the situations we are in. ~Chelsea Somuah Grade 10

I believe that the whole exercise was an educational experience for the students and it was purposeful enough to alert our students
about how harmful bullying in every aspect can cause a lifetime of damage to the receiver. In addition, students who have suffered any
kind of bullying whatsoever in their lives were psyched to let go of their fears and face the world with confidence and develop in the
various phases of life for there is light at the end of the tunnel. ~Abdul Rahman Adam (staff Product Design/ Drama)

Her inspiration and concept behind her book were amazing. I really enjoyed the book launch very much and learnt a lot from it. I
also learnt to change situations by making crafts and things that you find interest in. ~Afua Osei-Boakye Grade 8

During the book launch, they read a bit of the book. It was interesting, so I considered trying it. I enjoyed the comedian’s jokes a lot, and it
was very interesting. I liked the video of the boy with cancer. I also liked the story of the author. ~Imani Webb Grade 8

The special assembly was a very educational experience for me. I got to listen to an inspirational and emotional story from the author. I think that it was very good that the author was able to turn her emotional experiences into a story for young children. ~Araba Egyei-Mensah Grade 10

I was a bit skeptical about the book when I heard they were launching it, here in TIS. I was among the readers and wanted to know why the book was presented to us. When I heard the experiences that motivated the writer, and how the book mirrored the stories of so many people that have struggled with low self-esteem then I began to appreciate the heart of the author and the impact of it. I think “Dadia BE” is a must read for everyone. ~Naa Adjeley Grade 10

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.