Dear Parents

Sickle Cell Awareness Initiative It was very informative and insightful. Kudos to Malaika for a good job done. ~Nana Yaw, Music Instructor

The presentation was good. It is an eye opener for the students to prepare them for the future. ~Mr. Amoah, Music Instructor

The presentation by Dr. Ohene Frempong was very educational. Prior to this presentation, I had never received such a detailed look into sickle cell disease and what it entails, even though I do Biology HL. I was also happy to hear that scientists have discovered a means of curing SCD. I appreciated the presentation and was glad that other people could be educated as well. ~Malaika Webb, Grade 12 Initiator of TIS SCAI

Yesterday’s assembly was insightful. I really enjoyed it as I got to learn more about a common disease that is around. I am really grateful for the opportunity to learn about the Biology of the disease and I am glad we had the assembly. ~Araba Egyei-Mensah, G10

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk about sickle cell and it has helped me revise for the upcoming exams. It provided a lot of insight on what sickle cell entailed and I am confident that it will come in handy in medical school. ~Akua and Selali G12 

I really enjoyed the presentation on sickle cell disease. It gave me an in depth understanding of what it is and cleared all my misconceptions. I also learnt so many new things and I am glad we had it. Congrats to Malaika for a job well done.

Thank you for being part of the TIS family