Dear Parents

“Sex education, including its spiritual aspects, should be part of broad health and moral education from kindergarten through grade twelve, ideally carried out harmoniously by parents and teachers”. ~Benjamin Spock

 The absence of clear social ethics and guidelines about when sex is appropriate can leave teenagers confused. They need help in understanding hormonal changes that they experience and what it means to be physically connected to someone else and the unforeseen consequences at this early stage of their lives. However, it has become a matter of urgency and concern to educate our students on what to watch and what to read, especially at this digital age. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. K.K Yalley who made the evening on Friday 21 February 2020 a night of moment speaking on the topic, “Let’s Talk about Sex”.

Students’ Reflections

The sex talk last Friday was very insightful and left me with information on a topic in which I thought I’d heard it all before. The sex talk was well structured and the PowerPoint presentation included infographics which the doctor explained and expanded upon thoroughly. The talk was interactive as the doctor separated us into groups and first tested our knowledge on the subject. It was interesting to hear different people’s definitions and views on sex and its purpose. The doctor made it known to us that anybody can contract sexually transmitted diseases and some STDs are found majorly in people aged from 14-24. This was eye-opening to me and made me realize that people around my age group are making bad decisions and there are lifestyle choices which can be made to avoid these diseases. The final segment was on “why we should wait” in which he explained to us why we are not ready and our current setting and situation are not optimal for living such a lifestyle. He covered the effects of sex at a young age, such as teen pregnancy and addiction. Overall, this sex talk has expanded my knowledge on an important topic and has made me thoroughly understand, “Why we should wait”. ~Quophi Yelbert (MYP 5)

Even though I had no intention of having intercourse at my age, the “sex talk” gave me a detailed reason not to and also informed me about the consequences of having sex at my teenage age. During this talk, Dr. KK informed us about the effects of some types of sex. I also grasped the fact that anal sex is likely to give cancer in the future while oral sex will cause throat infections in the future. Collaboration skills also played a role in the discussion we had Friday because we were tasked to work in groups to figure out some answers to the questions asked by Doctor KK and we also shared our opinions and exchanged ideas amongst our peers to discuss some mix-ups of having sex. This talk was really informative and interesting. ~Rudolph Dogbegah (MYP 5)

Last Friday’s meeting was a very special and important one, as we were privileged to have had a guest speaker by name of DR. KK come and talk to us about sex and its negative and positive effects. We started off the discussion by answering a few questions posed by him. Then we had a full-blown discussion on some of the negative effects of sex. For example, oral sex causes throat infections and anal sex causes warts and other diseases. One very positive effect was that sex causes people to get pregnant and have babies. The doctor also shared a story of one of his friends that had an “ectopic pregnancy”. Ectopic pregnancy is a complication of pregnancy in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus. What I learnt from this discussion was that young people like us should never engage in premarital sex because it normally results in abortions, unplanned pregnancies, and HIV or STIs like Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and many others. When the abortions happen, the whole womb will need to be taken out in very extreme cases and if that happens the person will stay barren for life This was a very beneficial talk and I learnt a lot from it and I am sure my colleagues learnt a lot too. I would really like to have these advice sessions a lot more often. Now, I have something for all of you to think about. Will you prefer to have sex now and be barren for life or wait and enjoy as much sex as you want with your spouse? Think about it. ~Joshua Mefful. (MYP5)

On the 21 February 2020, the group of Grade 9-12 students met in the MPH to talk about sex basically. At first, I thought what is the point of all this? Is this really the best time to talk about this? After the talk, the initial reaction was flipped upside down. I started to see the essence of this talk. Over time, our age group has had a growing population of people who are sexually active. This can lead to some serious repercussions, such as sexually transmitted diseases and several cases of teenage pregnancy that can change the lives of people in the twinkle of an eye. I got to learn about the wide spectrum of this topic and key details that I didn’t know before. I also learnt that there are different factors to consider before doing this action and all the consequences that follow. We must not think about the short term feeling but also the maiming long-term effects. ~Salma Roland (DP1)

The sex talk was very enlightening. I liked the way Dr. KK was very interactive with us. He asked us about our knowledge of sex and he later explained to us what sex is. During the discussion, I realised different people had different views on sex .Initially, I thought sex was all about one inserting their penis into a female’s vagina. But shockingly others were saying that inserting the penis into a male or females anus is also considered as sex as well as inserting a penis into the mouth of a male or female is also sex. I was so confused at that time because I thought it was a sexual activity and not considered sex. But anyway he accepted their definitions. He advised us on sex at our age and gave us some of the negative effects of sex on teenagers. Most of the negative effects shocked me because I used to think that the worse effect of premarital sex was pregnancy. But unfortunately, there are other effects such as one contracting STDs, etc. He then advised us females to keep our virginity because it is the only property that we own that can’t be taken away from us forcefully so we should cherish it and not give it away to any gentleman who comes our way except for our future husbands. ~Nina Issah (MYP 4)

The sex talk was very informative and interesting. This is because this was a topic we were all looking forward to discussing. Dr. KK was very interactive which made the whole discussion interesting, allowing us to ask a few questions and to add a few contributions. I learned new things that would have never crossed my mind such as giving a man fellatio would give you throat cancer and having anal se . I also learned that being a virgin is the best experience ever. Vanessa Stephens (MYP 4)