Dear Parents

On Monday of last week, we completed the first 6-day teaching week cycle. All students (new and returning) have taken this on very well. As the returning MYP students get back into their routines, our newbies are finding their feet.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) requires that students think further than the traditional classroom they may have been used to. It requires students to be more responsible for their own learning than they are used to by promoting and encouraging many different ways to learn through the Approaches to Learning (ATLs). It assesses students on criteria which have been created to show development through the Middle Years of their IB education.

These requirements in themselves do seem daunting to a newbie (new student) who has much to learn about settling in to a new boarding school. It is not advisable that new students try to figure out what to do on their own for the MYP. There is always help at hand around the corner. At TIS, teachers and returning students are available to support MYP newbies. This is done through one-to-one meetings, informal chats and through lessons where the jargon and expectations are explained. Newbies is MYP4 (Grade 9) and MYP5 (Grade 10) have the onerous task of figuring out how they will learn all the MYP requirements sooner than later. The good news here is that they do not have to do this alone.

In joining TIS, a student becomes an IB learner. It is expected therefore that as part of becoming a true MYP student, our newbies will become INQUIRERS and RISK-TAKERS by stepping out of old learning comfort zones and embrace a whole new way of learning.

The MYP Coordinator’s office is always open and students are encouraged to stop by however often they need to, for a chat about how they can be assisted to progress through their MYP courses.

Yvonne Tagoe
MYP Coordinator