Dear Parents

To all our visitors, our cherished (students and staff) we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year. Without you, there is no Learning Centre! We hope you enjoyed our services. Please feel free walk in to pick any story book of your choice for holiday reading.

“The Learning Centre is a very effective place for learning. It’s a good place to study as I prepare for my exams. The serene and peaceful atmosphere is perfect for any student looking for a place to learn and do research. I want to wish all teaching and non-teaching staff in the Learning Centre: A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR”. ~Joseph Agyeman (DP 1)

“The Learning Centre has turned into more than a building, it has become the only place where I can truly focus and get all my work done. Being an IB student is not easy but the atmosphere in the Learning Centre is always able to calm me down no matter the amount of work I have. I am truly grateful for the Learning Centre and I can’t wait to come back after the Christmas holidays”. ~Danielle Manteaw (DP2)

“I haven’t been a student of TIS for long and the Learning Centre has already managed to be my favourite spot in the entire school. From the calm and serene environment to the plethora of resources available, the Learning Centre gives an apt ambiance for students like myself to focus and get their work done”. ~Danielle Zedomi (DP2)