Dear Parents

On 17 October, 22 students accompanied by three staff travelled to Slapton (UK). The main aim of the trip was for students to collect data and complete their individual investigations in ESS, Biology and/or Geography. This is the fourth year TIS has visited Slapton Field Studies Council a research institution to carry out individual investigation.

Just as other previous years, the 2019 trip was a huge success. All 22 students who were on the trip were able to complete data collection and write up for their IAs.

Students and staff are grateful to school management for giving them this opportunity. Find below reflection from some participants of the trip.

This trip to Slapton was definitely an amazing experience. Prior to embarking on this trip, I was uncertain as to whether the trip was as productive as people raved about, however, my fears were definitely proved wrong. Each day we spent some time learning about ecology and ways in which we could achieve good marks in our IAs while bonding and having fun with my grade mates. All in all, the experience has proven worthwhile and I would certainly recommend it to others. ~ Phoebe

The Slapton trip has been very beneficial and productive. From the beginning, the main focus was to go there, collect data and complete the Environmental Systems and Society IA. I was able to achieve this goal of which I’m very proud. Leading to the achievement of this goal we had a tutor who took us to different areas where we could collect samples for our IA and we were even giving the chance to practise
how to collect some data in groups we formed. The first day was used to visit the Slapton Woods where we had some woodlands and the stream which could both be used to collect data. We tested several ways of collecting data and many of us already had in mind what we would want to investigate for the IA. The next day we visited another area close to the water body called Shingle Ridge. Here, we were also taught how to apply different investigations. On the third day, everyone went to the areas they had chosen and began to collect their data. After that we had a 2-day session which helped us complete the write up and our tutor including our teachers from here at TIS were of great support to us. I urge everybody who studies Geography, Biology and ESS to go for the Slapton trip as it will be of great benefit and will help in producing good grades for the IAs. ~ Nana Ofori Osei

The Slapton experience was phenomenal. Prior to attending the trip, I was not particularly sure about what to do for my Environmental Systems and Societies Internal Assessment. It was difficult coming up with an environmental issue to investigate, however, I finally settled on one before leaving. Upon arriving at the Slapton Ley Research Centre, we had various opportunities to go out and identify environmental issues we could look at. We visited the woods as well as the Shingle Ridge. At the Shingle Ridge, I identified that there was an environmental issue known as trampling which was hindering the growth of plants. Exposure to these various sites was beneficial because I received insight into what I could possibly investigate for my internal assessment. This was not the only benefit of the trip. We had a research facilitator who took us through thorough sessions during which we discussed the internal assessments and I believe this was beneficial in helping me to complete my internal assessment. Attending this Slapton trip benefitted me tremendously and I am happy that I got the opportunity to finish my internal assessment within a week.  ~ Maame Hammond