Dear Parents

• Students return to hostels on Sunday, 27 October. (Well, that was a short break!)
• Any student playing football and/or street soccer (futsal) must wear shin guards. The shin guards that some students wear are appropriate for Primary School students only, and these students will be required to purchase more appropriate fitting shin guards. There will be no excuses after this break.
• Please ensure all personal items are clearly labelled.
• All parents who had not accessed ManageBac (MB) were emailed with a solution at the beginning of the week. If you require assistance, then please email me ([email protected])
•TIS has an outstanding team of University Counsellors, referred to affectionately as, the College Guides. They are most happy to assist students and their parents with any issues or matters relating to the university placement process. The USA SAT scandal has made various universities take note of the use of external consultants in the submission of university applications. In particular, the veracity of personal
statements and authenticity of applications are being called into question. Our College Guides have a responsibility to inform universities if students are using external consultants.

We look forward to the safe return of students to hostels on Sunday. Classes at each campus commence on Monday, 28 October. I appreciate your support.

Dr Ken Darvall