Dear Parents

Please find below the reflections from some DP1 students who visited the Rohi School as part of their CAS/Service Learning trip.

Going to The Rohi School was such a fun experience for everyone. We were all teaching assistants for the day and this was definitely a challenging, but exciting task for all of us. In the end it benefitted us greatly because it made us bond with the students at the school, understand the struggles our teachers go through and we were able to make a difference with our little contribution by teaching them some of the things we learnt from primary school and some of the skills we learnt here in TIS. It was a great experience and I hope we have more opportunities like this!  ~Frimpomaa Afranie- Adjei.

 On 1 February 2019, some of my grade mates and I had the honour of going to The Rohi School. We went there with the expectation to help and benefit the children by educating them on the various subjects we chose. When we first got there, we went for their assembly which was quite interesting. They had a marching band and the students stood in rows according to their grade. They sang songs, such as Ghana’s national anthem, Trust and Obey and many more. There was even someone who came to talk to the children about what to do when they are home alone or when they are walking alone to school. The teacher told the children not to take lifts from strangers, not to tell people their parents aren’t home if they ask and about the kidnapping issue we began to face in Ghana. In terms of teaching, we were either in pairs or groups of 3. I was with Padikuor and together we took the responsibility of teaching class 2 pupils. At first, the class 2 teacher taught creative arts and they were sewing. We also engaged in the sewing and made something.

After, we taught the students math. We taught them addition and subtraction. It was fun to engage the children and teach them new things that they would use later in life. I felt touched by the smiles of the children and also the opportunity to help them and I am proud that I was able to do something good for someone

~John Adjei, Grade 11.

Have a wonderful day!