Dear Parents, 

Twenty-first century (21c) students are active learners, rather than observers. They are natural investigators, researchers and processors of information, owing to their extensive exposure to digital and mobile technologies. They view themselves as co-constructors of knowledge and creators of new ideas. When these dispositions are well harnessed in the classroom, they can be used to support independent and inquiry-based learning, as well as the development of essential skills. This is because by dovetailing learning engagements with the interests and needs of learners, the latter are motivated to participate in class activities, engaging more effectively with the course material. This high level of participation results in deep thinking and processing, which ultimately leads to the acquisition and application of knowledge, and the development of communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and other lifelong learning skills.

This is the TIS teaching approach, whether face-to-face, or virtual!

Below, our Grades 1 to 5 Online Learning Champions share with us their most exciting projects since online learning commenced.

 Nana Akua Nyameye Addae, Grade 1 Favourite Task: Food Production Process

My favourite task was the one on production. I had to create a product and sell it to my family. I had to use some of my Mummy’s ingredients to make bread. What I loved about this task was that we got to choose what we wanted to make. And it was fun for me because when I choose projects, it is more enjoyable and it gives me time to imagine what I want.

From this project, I learnt that you can produce goods that factories make, but in your own way.

Emmanuel Tawiah Osroagbo, Grade 2 Favourite Task: Step Dancing

My most exciting project was about Step Dancing. In order to complete the task, I had to make time to do the work. What I love about the work was that I was dancing. From this assignment, I learnt about teamwork and working together with others to make a better team.

Sedinam Mills Kudah, Grade 2 Favourite Task: Step Dancing

 My favourite task was about Step Dance. I had to watch a video on Step Dance. Next, I had to practise the Step Dance. Also, I had to answer some questions. Finally, I had to take a video and submit it. I love the moves I learnt from the Step Dance. I learnt that practice makes perfect.

Kwasi Ayisi, Grade 3 Favourite Task: Poetic Devices

My favourite task was on poetry. I completed it by researching all the questions about similes and metaphors and answering them. I loved that I finished it early and did not submit it at 5:00 pm. From this task, I learnt that poetry can tell us about a story.

Nana Adwoa Ayeyi Addae, Grade 3 Favourite Task: Twi Poster on Coronavirus

My most interesting task was in Twi. I had to make a poster on coronavirus. First, I had to make six spaces and I drew six pictures. What I loved about this task was that it was all about Twi. I learnt that you can show warnings in any language.

Elikem Amoo, Grade 3, Favourite Task: 10 Simple Inventions

My project was about simple inventions and how they help to make work easier. I researched on the net for simple inventions and managed to put together information on simple inventions. The task enabled me to gain knowledge about how simple inventions help to make work easier for human beings. I learned how simple inventions can be used to make our daily lives easier.

Kwabena Osei-Ababio, Grade 4 Favourite Task: Video on Ecosystems

The most interesting classwork I have done since online classes started is the ecosystem. An ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. There are five ecosystems and they are; Tundra, Freshwater, Marine, Desert and Grassland ecosystems. The two main ecosystems are Terrestrial and Aquatic.

What I did to complete this work was to research, find the information needed, then use it to create something like a video, website or Powerpoint presentation.

What I loved about this task is that I learned how the ecosystem can be a small size or a big one. Ecosystems come in many sizes and can be a biome. A biome is a community of plants.

What I learnt about this activity is that the ecosystem is important to us because it provides a habitat to wild plants and animals. It supports different food chains and food webs. It regulates essential ecological processes and supports lives involved in the recycling of nutrients between biotic and abiotic components.

Kwaku Ayisi, Grade 4, Favourite Task: Research on Poetic Elements

The task was on Poetry. I had to research on alliteration to complete the work. What I loved about the task was the research. I learnt more about poems than I have ever known, thanks to this task.

John Israel Opeku, Grade 5, Favourite Task: Fingerspelling

My most interesting class task was about finger spelling some words in our Unit. To complete it, I had to go to a savvy dictionary so I can see how they fingerspell. I like to finger spell because my teacher taught me how to finger spell and it is fun