Dear Parents

Early Years

Another great week filled with exciting events!

Our children enjoyed many fun-filled activities in class. During one of such, they shopped at the ‘Beginning Sounds Store,‘ where they ‘bought’ beautiful things. They were able to identify the beginning sounds of the items they picked. The learners were also involved in subitizing activities to extend their knowledge of numbers.

Last week was extra special because we celebrated Founders’ Day. After weeks of feverish preparation, our Early Learners had the pleasure of introducing themselves in grand style to the TIS community. They looked colourful in their Bumble Bee costumes and gave such an amazing performance that they each received a special Principal’s Award from Dr. Ken.

 Ghanaian Sign Language

The Onyx Class last week, continued their inquiring into how living things depend on each other. In Ghanaian Sign Language, they are learnt more about signing the names of animals and natural resources.

Lower and Upper Primary

Like the Early Learners, last week has been another busy one for the Onyx and Opal Classes, as we delved deeper into our Units of Inquiry. Students went about exploring concepts in relation to their Units and constructed their own understanding. For example, after exploring the concept of 3D shapes, one Opal Class student wrote a song to help her recall their properties. Other students joined in to learn the song and together we used it to complete an assessment.

Below are the lyrics:

As part of the inquiry process, students produce work which is evidence of learning. They get to learn by doing, and through that, develop the requisite skills for lifelong learning.

Whiles completing their mini projects on 3D shapes, Primary students had to demonstrate that they are balanced IB learners, by polishing their performance for the all-important Founders’ Day celebration. Students rehearsed each day during their After-School Activity sessions. Led by our very own, Grade 5 Risk-Taker, Oforiwaa, it was such a joy to see students exert so much effort into perfecting their dance.

Last week was extra special because apart from celebrating our Founders, we witnessed the Official Opening of our Primary School Campus. As usual, students exhibited their creative skills by designing souvenirs for guests.


The TIS Primary Campus was officially opened on 3 October 2019, by our dear Co-Founder, Mrs Comfort Adjavon, Board Chairman, Anis Haffar, and other dignitaries.

It was such a momentous day and both teachers and students were honoured to participate and to see history in the making!

Message from Students and Staff of the Primary School to our Founding Parents

We celebrate you, Mummy and Daddy Adjavon (God rest your Soul), on this great day. God bless you for your courage and perseverance in making this dream a reality. And above all, thank you for making us part of this amazing TIS family.

We love you!