Dear Parents


Early Years

As we brought down the curtain on Week 2, our Early Learners solidified their knowledge of the learner profile attributes through various learning experiences such as, counting, building, outdoor play, painting and drawing of self-portraits. Through these activities, our learners have increased their skills, specifically in Numeracy. This week, counting has been a major focus, both in class and on the playground.

Lower and Upper Primary

How the day is scheduled: Activities that take place

We are already in the third week of the semester and it feels like we have been on the primary school campus for a long time. Learners have been exposed to the IB learner profile attributes, which have become evident in the way they behave in school. It’s exciting to see learner’s ready to show these attributes in one way or the other.

Ever wondered what really goes on at the Primary School Campus?

Our day starts off with an opportunity for students to be involved in some play at the playground. This is an opportunity for them to get active, exercise, have fun and interact with their peers before they get into the learning space to study.

Morning assembly

Morning assembly is facilitated by teachers every morning. Activities that take place include singing and discussions on selected topics. This gives learners an opportunity to be risktakers by standing in front of an audience and expressing their ideas and opinions.

Homeroom time

During the Homeroom time, students are fully involved in the learning process to create an affective learning experience. We believe that a better learning experience is achieved if activities are hearts on, heads on and hands on, making them lifelong learners.

Opals (Grade 3- 5) working collaboratively to build and describe 3D shapes based on their properties.

Onyx (Grade 1- 2) using their research skills to investigate how plants grow when subjected to different conditions.

After the seeds was planted, learners cared for the seedling by watering it daily and exposing it to sunlight and air.

Meal Times

There is always a display of attractive and nutritious arrays of food during snack and lunch time. Learners make their own choice but the dedicated catering staff always guide them to make healthy choices so that they always stay healthy.

After school Activity

As IB learners are encouraged to be balanced, they spend an hour after school to learn to dance through choreography. Our final dance will be showcased during the Founders Day celebration which is coming off next week. Watch out for some precise and entertaining dance moves.

The first unit for the Primary classes will be ending in 3 weeks and will be climaxed with a Unit celebration on 11 October, 2019. Learners will showcase their learning in a variety of forms including exhibitions, presentations and performance. Details of the celebration will be communicated soon.


Ghanaian Sign Language

This week, Topaz class practised signing the letters of the alphabets from A- H in Ghanaian sign language. Here are their reflections:

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.