Dear Parent

Learners and teachers in our Happy School have been busy preparing towards this Friday’s Unit Celebration. Learners are taking the front stage, exemplifying Student Agency. Through preparations, they have also been developing critical learning skills, as well as attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

The Onyx class, under the theme, “Where we are in place and time,” used sugar, fabric, empty cartons and other everyday materials to make models of homes around the world. Students enjoyed working in groups as they encouraged and collaborated with each other to create masterpieces.

In investigating the line of inquiry, “The influence people have on events and the impact of these events on local, regional and global development,” Onyx learners also made a chart of famous personalities, who have impacted the local and global communities. By this activity, children developed their research and communication skills, as they discovered for themselves, the histories of influential personalities and prepared to present their findings to a live audience during the Unit Celebration.

Like Onyx, the Opal Class eagerly prepared to treat parents to a buffet of migration and civilisations around the world, as they also explored the transdisciplinary theme, “Where we are in place and time “. Below, they are engrossed in developing their migration stories,

and replica papyrus scrolls, etched with different forms of ancient writings.

In PYP, both students and teachers are learners, and TIS is no exception. Every Monday at 4.00pm, teachers have a Collaboration Meeting with the Coordinator. Apart from discussing issues that enhance teaching and learning, this is one of our platforms for continuous professional development.

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.