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DP2 final exams result viewing PIN

Results for the May 2019 IBDP examinations will be available from 6 July. Students will be able to access their results on the IB website. You will receive the login details individually from my office over the next few weeks. Please ensure all dues to school are cleared before the student leave after the final examinations.

Results are available at

Your results will be published on 6 July 2019 13:45:00 GMT.

I will be using the e-mail address on ManageBac to mail this detail. Please ensure your contact details on managebac is up-to-date.

One additional information you need to know is about the enquiry upon results (remarking cost for subjects). You will receive detailed information soon.

Fingerspelling in Ghanaian Sign language

Fingerspelling is the manual alphabet used in Ghanaian Sign Language and is performed using a variety of hand shapes. It is mainly used for spelling out names, people, places and things that don’t have their own unique sign. Additionally, it is commonly used for spelling out titles of books and movies, as well as signing the brand name of various items

How to do it

Letters are signed with the dominant hand and generally with the palm facing the viewer. When fingerspelling, the hand should be at shoulder height. Letters are signed at a constant speed with a pause functioning as a divider.

Fun Facts

  • There are many different manual alphabets throughout the world.  Ghanaian Sign Language uses the GSL Manual Alphabet.
  • American fingerspelling is composed of 22 one – hand gestures to represent 26 letters.
  • British fingerspelling uses both hands to form each letter.
  • Japan has the most extensive fingerspelling with different gestures to cover the 46 hiragana characters.

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