Dear Parents

TIS Re-registration

In order to ensure the accuracy of our student numbers for 2019/2020, parents should have received an email two weeks ago to complete the re-registration of their child/children by 30 April. To confirm enrolment for next year, parents will be required to complete basic contact data to ensure current data on MB is accurate. Please use the specific link provided in the email. [I have sent reminders again last week.]

You will enter this data on OpenApply (OA) which is MB’s younger sibling. It is user-friendly, however, if you have any issues, please contact Rita, or myself.

Current Grade 10 students: I expect all G10 students to continue into the IB Diploma Program in Grade 11. What about the results from the IGCSE? They are an indicator for best choice of subjects and the appropriate level – Standard or Higher. However, both programs (IG and DP) are complete opposites, so students who may not have enjoyed IG will often thrive in DP. Nothing beats the DP experience and all G10 students will have the opportunity to commence the full Diploma Programme from the start of G11. I am happy to discuss options and choices with any parent who may have any questions.

Your cooperation and timeliness will always be appreciated.

Science Corner – An Acid and Base Lab

We were tasked with finding the pH of some everyday substances and we had to do this in pairs. We used an electric pH finding machine (pH meter) to determine the pH of each of the substances. From this lesson I was able to learn the differences in pH and how they affect the use of the substance. I was also able to build my collaborative skills. Overall, it was a very fun and exciting experience. – Nana Ama Boakye

In chem class, we used a pH meter to test for the pH of multiple solutions, such as sobolo, orange juice and bleach. Bleach had the highest pH (12.63) and this means it is an alkaline/base and Coke had the lowest pH (2.41). This helped me understand the higher the pH the lower the acidity. Just like bleach, bases are slippery, smooth substances. – Hedia Dickson

PROM NIGHT Update – IGCSE Class of 2019

All hail the Prom King and Queen!

As part of high school tradition, our IGSCE graduating class of 2019 has begun plans towards their PROM NIGHT/dinner dance. Detailed information, concerning venue and time will be communicated at a later date; tentative date for the prom is on 21 June 2019.

However, we would like to inform parents that this is solely students/Grade initiated event funded by the students and Parents of the grade, through various fundraising projects in school.  The students head organizers are:

  • President – Shanda Otchere
  • Vice Pres. – Arnold Gyateng
  • Secretary – Jackie Aisha Buba
  • PROs – Lilainie Addo & Adom Berchie
  • Organizer – Germaine Osei Kwakye
  • Designers – Saahene Osei and Hamdia Ibrahim
  • Advisors – Liesel Amonoo-Neizer and Terrence Mwindaare
  • Co-opted Members – Amanda Fafa Awumee , Jason Bortei-Doku & Michel Gyau Bright
  • Treasurers – Salma Roland and Joseph Agyeman

The team is supported by Mad. Vanessa Amankwah as the Parent organizer.  Ms. Grace Attram and Ms. Abigail will be at the venue in their capacity as Chaperones for the students. Parents are advised to drop and pick their wards. The theme for the party is HOLLYWOOD; ongoing plans seem to promise nothing but a splendid night full of memories, fun and laughter.

For further clarifications, kindly direct all queries to Ms. Grace – 0244626805 or email address [email protected]

Furthermore, we would also like to discourage extravagant spending in terms of logistics and promote a subtle tone for the celebrations.

Please note that this event is NOT organized by Tema International School, but by parents and students of the IGCSE graduating class of 2019.

Happy May in advance.