Dear Parent

Parents Not Receiving Weekly Messages

Over the past two months, MB (ManageBac) has been syncing email addresses with those on Open Apply. In some cases, this has meant email addresses have been archived. If you are not receiving weekly messages (all parents should receive at least one every Friday about the weekly TIS Bulletin), then please email me so that I can rectify the issue. My apologies to those parents affected.

#MYP – E-Assessment Experience

Monday 20 May, 2019 was a life changing experience for most of us (G9s). For me, the onscreen exam was really a nice experience. The tools on Assessprep are just on point; the onscreen calculator was really easy to use, but I will recommend using a mouse because with the track pad it is quite slow. Kudos to Tema International School and anyone who played a role to make this exam the way it was, because I loved this method.- Abdul B, G.9

First time writing examination on screen was quite exciting. I really had a good experience relating to the software especially coming up with different strategies to help me utilize the software in the speeding process. What makes it different from taking exams on paper is inputting the answers. It also comes with unlimited words for History, Langlit etc. I love it a lot because of the modernized idea behind it. In all the onscreen exam experience was mind-changing. – Deion Mitchell, G9

I see the onscreen exams as a stepping stone seeing as we are in a technological age. It was an insightful new experience. It is very challenging, discrete and an honest way to write exams. It makes you think critically when taking an exam. I am proud to say that we have made history in TIS, seeing as we are the first batch to undergo the onscreen exams. – David Safo, G9

Grade 10 Students

While the DP exams have concluded, the IG exams are ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ and still continue for another three weeks.
However, for some/many students, there are no exams next week. Exeats will be approved for these students who deserve a short break so they can return by 30 May to then refocus their study efforts. Exeats forms are required. Parents should complete the online form and submit it from the school website:

Enjoy the rest of your day.