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University Write-Up- African Leadership University:

African Leadership University (ALU) is Fast Company’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies 2019. No.1 in Africa and 39th in the world. Being the only university listed in the world ranking we have the bragging right as the most innovative University in the world!

Cost of tuition for African students $14,050 – $15,050

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Everyone’s different—including you. That’s why at ALU, we don’t do “one size fits all” education. ALU’s Leadership Core program and the first year of real work experience will prepare you for our unique approach to individualized learning. We build the skills that you, as a young leader and entrepreneur will need for the future. Harness the characteristics essential for creating a mission-based life of impact and purpose. All ALU students develop 21st-century skills and network that will remain relevant amidst rapid global change. With the right education, you can it all happens with us @ALU. Join us.                

Conventional classes are just one way to do it. At ALU, you’ll take a different approach. An individualized, student-focused leadership curriculum develops and tests your skills, intellect, and ideas. A heavy emphasis on real-world internships and experience solidifies crucial qualities for the future exposing you to new global cultures, opinions, and challenges and improving your problem-solving abilities gaining the skills that 21st-century employers want. At ALU, you don’t just pick a major—you pursue life experience.

Our Approach

ALU goes above and beyond to provide you with an education like no other. Focus on giving you a holistic experience designed to make you a successful entrepreneur, leader and a better citizen of the world. At ALU we identify several fundamental strategies that make our approach to teaching and learning unique, relevant and engaging.

 Preparation for Tomorrow’s World

In an ever-changing world, the narrow academic theory quickly loses relevance. Therefore we go beyond just giving you a solid academic grounding. We also develop skills like leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, communication, and teamwork. Relevant skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

An Engaging Learning Experience

With a Learning Cycle that helps you learn new skills and master concepts. This 4-part Learning Cycle incorporates (i) a ‘discovery’ experience—that ‘aha’ moment when you discover the gaps in your knowledge and skills, (ii) self-paced learning, (iii) peer learning (students teaching and learning from each other) and (iv) facilitated group learning.

Declare a Mission for Your Life

You will be challenged to declare a “mission” for your life, and not just to select an academic “major”. We will expose you to the grand challenges and opportunities of our time, and work with you to define how you want to solve these problems and capture emerging opportunities. In this way, you will discover your life’s purpose and align your learning with this purpose.

Education Meets the Real World

We break down barriers between universities and the real world. You will solve real problems for real organizations from day one. We design our curriculum with employers. And each year, in our undergraduate programs, you spend 8 months on campus and 4 months in the workplace, ensuring you have one year of work experience by the time you graduate and are ‘ready to hit the ground running’.

Career Development & Work Experience

Many universities provide little to no practical work experience. They don’t start talking about life after graduation until a student’s final year. At ALU, students begin their career development journey on day one. Students benefit from a four-month-long internship during each year of study. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a full year of work experience in a variety of organizations. This experience enables you to build deep connections with potential employers and provides practice in solving real-world problems, giving you an advantage over traditional university graduates in gaining employment or starting your own organization.


Alphabetic Body Postures

“Dance is a performing art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture. Dance can be categorized and described by its choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical period or place of origin.”

Chrispen Perdison Amoah a grade 9 student in the MS Dance Class is taking dance in a unique style, he has created his own alphabetic body postures from A to Z with the help of David Difie his dance teacher and Diana Asante (Chrispen’s special support). He is currently matching the alphabetic body postures captured on camera and printed to their various alphabets.

“I am amazed to see Chrispen’s development in such a short time. He loves music, he will dance to any kind of music regardless. His energy and commitment towards the dance class has been tremendous so far. I understand his challenges because this is his first time being in a dance class, I am confident that with continued effort he will be able to overcome and develop his talent. The MS Dance Class has never been boring.” ~  David Difie – Dance teacher

“The process has been very fascinating and challenging. This being my first time attending a dance class. As I learn how to dance the alphabet, especially the P and E body posture was tough. I was able to dance my full name (Chrispen Perdison) with my own alphabetic body postures and some smooth transitions. I am looking forward to publish and teach the world about my alphabetic body postures.” ~Chrispen Perdison, Grade 9

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