Dear Parent

Naviance Lesson- Grade 8:

Grade 8 Guidance Class was a Naviance lesson dubbed “My personal support network.” They identified key people who play various roles in supporting them as they work towards successful completion of high school on their journey into the university! This includes their parents, siblings, teachers, counsellors, community project supervisors, nurses, school leadership, janitors, kitchen staff, security and all supporting staff in their school environment among others. They discussed how to show respect, appreciation and to improve their relationship with all members of their support network.

Below are a few pictures taken during the lesson:

DP2 Parent Reminder- Secure your child’s university spot:

Dear DP2 Parents, we hope you are doing great and have had a discussion with your ward regarding their final university (destinations/acceptances/choices).

Kindly remember to pay the enrollment deposit directly to the universities your child gained admission into and intends to enroll at, in order to secure their spot before the May 1st reply deadline or whichever deadline was stated in the university’s acceptance package.

Also for UK universities, students must choose a suitable firm and insurance school (first and second choice) on UCAS track after your approval, being cognizant of factors of importance to you such as affordability, location, preferred programme/course, IB DP final results conditions tied to the admission offer in relation to student’s current performance among others.

Please email your son/daughter’s counselor, confirming your approval of specific firm and insurance schools in the UK that should receive official final IB results directly from IBO, no later than Tuesday, 23 April 2019.

Counting on your usual support.

Enjoy the rest of your day.