Dear Parent

My MYP Experience

MYP, although has been a little difficult for me, it has helped my learning and I feel I have progressed as a person and in my studies. – Malik Nyanin

The MYP was a bit confusing when I started. But I still congratulate it for its advanced learning style.-Elikem

I would like to continue in the MYP programme even if it is a little difficult because I think the MYP makes you think much more critically and apply what you have learnt to real life situation. – Winston Mwindaare

This MYP has been fun and interesting but stressful. I would like to continue with the programme because it allows me to think on my own. I had to cram everything my teachers taught me and take tests and exams in the end but coming to TIS, and doing the MYP, I am able to take my time to understand topics in a practical way. – Mawunyo

The MYP has been really demanding for me but I am adapting to it. I really enjoy working in groups with my friends and also the MYP encourages me to think further into a topic so it’s more beneficial. – Nana Aba Egyei-Mensah

I would like to keep doing MYP because of all the various things we get to do in the programme like practical lessons. Personally, I am able to understand concepts only when I am engaged in it. So MYP is the best programme for me. – Ayomi

MYP is a complex, creative, amazing and impactful programme. I have enjoyed it since it was introduced to me. This programme helps students to think outside of the box and to explore outside situations. We have to think deeper to find solutions to a particular topic. Basically, MYP advances our mind set and allows ask to discover new things. – Nana Yaa

MYP has been challenging yet fun. It has helped us develop so many skills like self-management, collaboration and research. Even though I feel it is going to get tougher I would want to continue with it because it has really been helpful.- Dzidzor

I feel the MYP challenges us to think. I would say it has been stressful so far because I’ve been used to the Ghana Education System for a longer period. Nonetheless, I challenge myself daily to make the best out of the MYP. – Annette Ajavon,

I prefer the MYP because it helps me think out of the box when it comes to problem solving. I like that there isn’t only one answer for certain things. Although there is some level of difficulty, it helps us to know more things at a younger age. – Franklin

The MYP helps me to understand concepts better. It teaches me things I never knew, it helps me relate things to real life and also become an independent learner. MYP has also taught me to collaborate with others and communicate better.-Nhyira Caesar


The magnificent Beauty and the Beast Annual production, the array of activities as we celebrated our 15th anniversary, the futuristic vibe of Expression and the breath-taking goal that led us straight to the finals of the soccer ISSAG. Are you part of the unfortunate bunch who missed it all?

Don’t worry, this year’s magazine covers it all! Now, pause and let’s take a trip back with Panorama, it had all the drama. Tribe, it was just a vibe. Log in, just had us all drawn in, and with Memoir it was just “wow!” This year’s magazine is called *drum roll please*… Astral.

This year we will be taking a trip to a galaxy illustrating all the iridescent aspects of Tema International School. This includes the many colourful personalities and opportunities provided for us students to express ourselves.

All proceeds from the magazine would be channeled towards children who are in dire need of heart surgeries. Make sure you grab a copy on 1 June, 2019 to support the Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana to pay for the lifesaving surgery of the many Ghanaian children on the Kolerbu Teaching hospital waiting list!

Enjoy the rest of your day