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Assessment In a Digital Age And Meeting IB Requirements – A Balancing Act

We all recognize that the digital age has come to stay and is evolving at a very fast pace.  The IB recognizes that being part of the digital world is education in itself. Digital assessments allow for a wider range in style of assessment than is offered in printed assessments.  Disciplines which were not known for using videos and sound are now able to include these in digital assessments.  Rewinding to the build up to assessments, lessons which hitherto did not use moving images and sound can now do so to drive home a learning experience.

In order to reach this goal at TIS, ICT as used in the class room and subsequent digitized assessments has to be balanced and developed.  Both the balancing and the development are happening simultaneously at TIS. Part of this balance is that students have at all times a good working laptop with basic MS Office/iWork (or equivalent), a good working headset/pair of earpieces, a durable laptop battery and working charger for use in all lessons.

Another part of this balancing act involves the MYP keeping the balance between differing demands for assessment while allowing for the support of the different learning styles of our students. To this end, the MYP at TIS has had to make decisions about the impact of on-screen assessments on the overall programme without focusing narrowly on one discipline or type of assessment. The assessprep online assessment tool is currently being rolled out.  Its uses will be two fold a) to familiarize students with online style assessments, and b) to allow for varied summative assessments.

All grade 9 students will be taking formal end of semester online assessments from 20th May this year.  Grade 9 have already taken online assessments in class this semester using assessprep and they are acutely aware of how well equipped or otherwise they are in terms of the hardware they currently possess.  Parents are urged to discuss with their wards to find out if laptops batteries, charges and headsets are all in working order over this Easter break and that a compatible word processor, spread sheet and equation editor is installed on their devices.  Where necessary replacements or repairs devices are required for May.

Why Shoes Matter? 

Shoes are the finishing touch on any outfit and it is as important to complete a look with a perfect pair ~Tracy Reese

In T.I.S., the emphasis of a child’s development focuses on a holistic approach. In envisioning the lives of these students it’s relevant to perk this to the expectations of a competitive world of work. Regardless of academic credentials, KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) a person’s manners and general appearance speak volumes. Wearing clean and well-polished shoes are an essential part of the equation for perfecting good looks!

Dirty shoes verse clean shoes. What they all say about your looks?

#1– One thing people notice unconsciously about you are your shoes!

#2 – Sharpens the “endpoints” of your style

#3 – Shoes Represent Attention To Detail Sharp From Head To Toe

#4 – Makes you look smarter!

#5 –A good sign that you are taking good care of yourself!

We encourage students, as part of your everyday interactions make it a conscious effort to be seen on or off campus always looking neatly dressed and specifically wearing clean looking good shoes and during school hours, complementing this with black pair socks.

Shoes talk! Wear them right, get them neatly polished.

Cathony Reflection

Cathony was a huge success!! I was so happy.  The Francelians’ were surprised at the many nice things we did for them, they were served pancakes, cake and we just wanted to celebrate Cathony with everyone. In the morning, we had pancakes, scrambled eggs fruit juice and there was chocolate syrup and maple syrup and I felt so happy because I provided the maple syrup!!!! I also loved the modeling show after dinner and cheered them all on and I am happy because when I was dancing, I forgot no moves! I put energy in it and was so happy after. I was so happy when the boys danced well because I was at their rehearsals and they were not as good as the performance which was great. I LOVE CATHONY! FACTA NO VERBA!!! – Claris Perdison

At the start of the week getting to Cathony, I was very excited as I knew that Cathony was going to be great and I was really excited. When it got the Saturday morning we had pancakes, bread, scrambled eggs and more, they were very delicious and I could see Francelia like them as well. At lunch, we had amazing food and cake and ice cream. In the evening we were in the mph and we had a fashion show, dance performance from both Catherine girls and Anthony boys, we had a skit talking about the phenomenal woman, and more. The experience was really nice and unforgettable. I’m really proud to be part of the Cathony family.  – Eleanor Adjei


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