Dear Parents

TIS Re-registration

In order to ensure the accuracy of our student numbers for 2019/2020, parents should have received an email two weeks ago to complete the re-registration of their child/children by 30 April. To confirm enrolment for next year, parents will be required to complete basic contact data to ensure current data on MB is accurate. Please use the specific link provided in the email. [I have sent reminders again today.]

You will enter this data on OpenApply (OA) which is MB’s younger sibling. It is user-friendly, however, if you have any issues, please contact Rita, or myself.

Current Grade 10 students: I expect all G10 students to continue into the IB Diploma Program in Grade 11. What about the results from the IGCSE? They are an indicator for best choice of subjects and the appropriate level – Standard or Higher. However, both programs (IG and DP) are complete opposites, so students who may not have enjoyed IG will often thrive in DP. Nothing beats the DP experience and all G10 students will have the opportunity to commence the full Diploma Programme from the start of G11. I am happy to discuss options and choices with any parent who may have any questions.

Your cooperation and timeliness will always be appreciated.

TIS (Primary School Campus)

We are very pleased with our two key appointments for our PYP Coordinator and our Early Years Leader who will commence duties in August. Their details will be announced in May.

Our application for Candidacy as a PYP (Primary Years Programme) school was lodged with IB on 31/3/19.

Admissions opened on 16 March. Please visit:

The first stage of the Primary School will open in September for Preschool classes (Kinder 1,2 and 3) as well as Grades 1-3.

Stage 2 will open in September 2020 when Grades 4-6 will be opened.

For more information email: [email protected]

A gentle reminder of students’ appearance whilst in school.

  •   Facial hair should be neatly trimmed at all times.
  • Boys must keep their hair neatly trimmed but heads should not be shaved. Boys’ hair will be considered too long if a school cap cannot be worn appropriately.
  • Students should not allow their fingernails to grow long and must not wear make-up or nail varnish.
  • Girls must keep their hair in tidy plaits, or short “Afro”, or permed style. No headgear or hats are permitted except when worn as part of African wear, or religious purposes.
  • Hair length, if too long, is difficult to manage and may cause scalp issues. Hair length should be shoulder length OR mid back and must be in a bun during school hours.
  • Hair dye and hair exten­sions must match the student’s own natural colour.
  • Caps are allowed outside, but never inside, except for entertainment nights or as part of African wear.

Please note that the School reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.

An inspection will done at the school’s gate on the reporting day and any student who flouts these rules will asked to go back home with the parent.

Food bags or food boxes

Each student is supposed to come to school with a food bag or box with a lock to contain his or her snack.

Each and every student is responsible for securing his or her



Happy Easter