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Physics IA Trip to The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) – 2019

Internal assessment, also known as Individual Investigation, is an IBDP requirement. It is worth 20% of the IBDP final assessment. Students are required to carry out an individual scientific investigation on a topic that is commensurate with the level of the course of study.

For the past one year (since 2018) all students who study Physics have embarked on an educational field trip, to the institution based in Kumasi, to carry out their Individual Investigations. This institution is Ghana’s premier Science and Technology University and is renowned for their periodic innovations in the field of science and engineering in Ghana, with top highly experienced members of faculty and good facilities.

The experience was revealing last year and this motivated the decision to embark on the same trip this academic year.

As part of the activities, students are taken through the experimental setups relating to their chosen topic. Within a week each student is expected to complete their individual investigations (IA). This field trip will not only see the students completing their Individual Investigations but it will also give them the opportunity to interact with other IB students from neighbouring schools. We are pleased to inform you that this year’s educational field trip is slated on the 28 to 31 May, 2019. It is open to IBDP Physics students (2020 year group).

The teachers to accompany the students and their contacts are;

Mr Lawrence Ladson

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233 (0) 243278309

Mr Castrol Dumenya

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233 (0) 549476349

Mrs Margaret Agbeli

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +233 (0) 208284984


Message to IB2s – We will miss you!!!

Of all the IB2s I will miss Kirk, Excellva, Frances, Ashley, Timone and Abena. They always made me feel like I matter. They have helped me accomplish things at TIS I did not envision. They encourage me every day and I will miss them dearly. – Dzidzor, G7

Mandy is one IB2 I will miss. She is so independent and caring. She is very friendly and polite. Ashley, Tiffany, Abena and Excellva have also taught me to be disciplined and kind. – Afua, G7

There are two IB2s who have really impacted my life. Timone is just the perfect, kind, caring, respectful and honest elder brother. I have been inspired by him to draw closer to God. His words always make me feel loved and respected. I would love to be just like him. Matthew has also been a very loyal brother who always stood up for me. He doesn’t encourage wrong doings. He taught me life lessons that has shaped my TIS hostel life. I would always remember him for whom he has been to me. – Emmanuel Essel, G7

Unfortunately for me I didn’t really get to know the IB2s well. However, Alhaji Dauda is one I‘ll appreciate forever for his kindness, love and amazing character. He always made me smile when I was down. His personality is definitely one of a kind. Thank you so much, Alhaji!!- Nana Yaa, G7

Sedo Sezan is like a big brother to me. Anytime you have a problem, he’s ever ready to listen. He’s a supportive and serious student who always strives to attain his goals. Sedo actually cares for people. – Bellina, G8

Sedo, Timone, Samuel, Daniel and Matthew. I will miss you so so much. Thank you guys for being my brothers after he left. Good luck, have fun and learn HARD!!!- Brenda, G8

 Matthew, Timone, Sheku, and Abena, I’ll miss all of you so much. Thank you for treating me like a sibling. All the best! – Jaden Sesay, G8

Most of the IB2s have impacted my life but the one I am not going to forget is Bernard. He always made me smile anytime I felt blue. Ever since I have been at TIS he has been the one who is there for me during those down moments. – Chrispen, G9

Matthewwwwwwww! Keliiii, Sammmyyy, Timoneee, Abnaaa, Alistairrr, I will miss you guys so so much!!! Tottenhammm. Have fun! Thanks for the love you have shown me. All the best out there- Nadia B, G9

I am definitely going to miss Sedo after his graduation. He was the first person to make me feel at home at TIS because he was pretty much like a brother to me. He gave me a lot of advice and shared his experiences with me as well which have helped me a lot. Good luck with your IBs and the journey ahead too!!- Bennett, G10

I will miss Matthew a lot, why? He is the perfect friend and older brother and he makes the journey enjoyable. – Ethan A. Pobee, G10

TIS Amnesty International Club

 The term mental health refers to one’s psychological or emotional well-being. Mental health awareness week starts every year on the second Monday in May (in 2019 from 13 – 19 May). One of the main issues surrounding mental health is the stigma that follows it and in lieu of this, the TIS Amnesty International Club has come together to share some ways through which members of the TIS community can fight this stigma. When one is stigmatized as a result of their mental health status, it causes them to lose their self-esteem. This can eventually lead to reluctance to receive treatment and can even lead to the worsening of their condition. Hence, it is very important to fight this stigma in order to ensure societal development and recovery. Here are five ways to fight the stigma surrounding mental health in our own little ways:

  1. Education:

The best way to let people know of mental health stigmatization is by having meaningful conversations both on social media and in person that will draw attention to mental health and the negative effects of the stigma.

  1. Mind your language:

Negative words have been found to put stress on those they’re directed towards, hence it is very important to be mindful of the kind of words you use when discussing issues surrounding mental health. Be sure to avoid using derogatory terms when having discussions with people that have any sort of mental conditions because these words, though may seem harmless, can cause significant damage.

  1. Show Compassion:

Always be willing to lend a helping hand to those suffering from any form of mental health issues.

  1. Include, don’t exclude:

Always ensure to engage people with behavioural conditions in regular day to day activities so they feel comfortable and welcomed in their environment and also gain a sense of belonging

  1. Stop labelling:

Just like you would not label people due to their physical ailments, it is very important to note that labelling people with mental or behavioural conditions is very hurtful and can worsen their recovery.

Though not too lengthy, we hope you all practise these five points and help put an end to mental health stigma once and for all.

Yeyo Padikuor Nartey,


Enjoy the rest of your day.