Dear Parent

Message to IB2s – We will miss you!!!

Of all the IB2s I will miss Kirk, Excellva, Frances, Ashley, Timone and Abena. They always made me feel like I matter. They have helped me accomplish things at TIS I did not envision. They encourage me every day and I will miss them dearly. – Dzidzor, G7

Mandy is one IB2 I will miss. She is so independent and caring. She is very friendly and polite. Ashley, Tiffany, Abena and Excellva have also taught me to be disciplined and kind. – Afua, G7

There are two IB2s who have really impacted my life. Timone is just the perfect, kind, caring, respectful and honest elder brother. I have been inspired by him to draw closer to God. His words always make me feel loved and respected. I would love to be just like him. Matthew has also been a very loyal brother who always stood up for me. He doesn’t encourage wrong doings. He taught me life lessons that has shaped my TIS hostel life. I would always remember him for whom he has been to me. – Emmanuel Essel, G7

Unfortunately for me I didn’t really get to know the IB2s well. However, Alhaji Dauda is one I‘ll appreciate forever for his kindness, love and amazing character. He always made me smile when I was down. His personality is definitely one of a kind. Thank you so much, Alhaji!!- Nana Yaa, G7

Sedo Sezan is like a big brother to me. Anytime you have a problem, he’s ever ready to listen. He’s a supportive and serious student who always strives to attain his goals. Sedo actually cares for people. – Bellina, G8

Sedo, Timone, Samuel, Daniel and Matthew. I will miss you so so much. Thank you guys for being my brothers after he left. Good luck, have fun and learn HARD!!!- Brenda, G8  

Matthew, Timone, Sheku, and Abena, I’ll miss all of you so much. Thank you for treating me like a sibling. All the best! – Jaden Sesay, G8

Most of the IB2s have impacted my life but the one I am not going to forget is Bernard. He always made me smile anytime I felt blue. Ever since I have been at TIS he has been the one who is there for me during those down moments. – Chrispen, G9

Matthewwwwwwww! Keliiii, Sammmyyy, Timoneee, Abnaaa, Alistairrr, I will miss you guys so so much!!! Tottenhammm. Have fun! Thanks for the love you have shown me. All the best out there- Nadia B, G9

I am definitely going to miss Sedo after his graduation. He was the first person to make me feel at home at TIS because he was pretty much like a brother to me. He gave me a lot of advice and shared his experiences with me as well which have helped me a lot. Good luck with your IBs and the journey ahead too!!- Bennett, G10

I will miss Matthew a lot, why? He is the perfect friend and older brother and he makes the journey enjoyable. – Ethan A. Pobee, G10