Dear Parent

Dress Code: Clothing Sense and Sensitivity

This notice sets out for students, what to wear and what not to wear as TIS students during school days and at school functions. This is only a reminder because it constitutes part of the school rules which have already been made known to students, but which we wish to emphasise for the purpose of student appearance.

It has become a matter of concern as students are seen dressed inappropriately at school functions and after school.

Students have been allowed to express diversity in their appearance. However, it has come to our notice that students have abused this opportunity over time. Parents should be informed that clothing can be completely casual, but respectable during and after school hours.

Please note that the following clothing are not allowed on TIS campus:

  • Bare back
  • Bare shoulders
  • Frontal low cuts
  • Bodicon skirts and dresses
  • Mini-skirts
  • Transparent leggings
  • Tights and hanging trousers (for boys)

Furthermore, slits on dresses SHOULD NOT be above the knee, excessive jewelry (big hoops) and flashy clothing are prohibited.

There will be routine checks into students’ wardrobes to ensure that they have the right clothing in their possession.

With parents’ support, we can encourage students to appear decent and decorous on campus.

No is Also an Answer

On a similar note, Alumni have mentioned to me that some parents felt that TIS was promoting elitism by encouraging students to wear top label clothing and other items. That perception is fake as we discourage students from trying to ‘out do’ others by what they are wearing or using.

You will often read where we state no new clothing should be purchased for an excursion or trip. I have also mentioned previously about the importance of responsibility when it comes to devices. I am surprised and disappointed by the number of cracked screens on devices and advised parents not to rush to repair the damage, if there was a concern about the lack of personal responsibility.

We live in a generation that blames others and where ‘NO’ seems to be an alien word.

As parents, we always want the best for our children and strive to provide a better life for them than we have experienced. In this world of commercial affluence with advertisements promoting anything and everything as ‘must haves’, it is critical as parents that our children understand that not everything they see, read or hear about are ‘must have’ items or experiences. Life still goes on without such items or experiences.

Importantly, by saying no at the right time ensures that parents are not endorsing an ‘easy come, easy go’ attitude that endorses the ‘throw-away’ society that is prevalent everywhere we go.

In fact, often saying NO prevents a lot of problems.

Happy Easter

May you be filled with lots of happiness and love this season.