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Cambridge Psychology Summer School Summary:

The Immerse Psychology Summer School explores some of the most fascinating topics in this complex and multidisciplinary field. Psychologists explore intriguing questions such as: what makes you you? What makes you different from others? What are the nuances between good and evil? The Psychology Summer School provides an incredible forum to study, discuss and debate these alongside a wide range of issues, through a curriculum designed and taught by expert tutors from world-leading universities.

The programme will explore the most fundamental psychological concepts, and introduce key influential theorists – which is great preparation for further study. All participants are encouraged to critically engage with the material, to discuss and to debate with motivated peers from around the world, and in the process gain an insight into advanced study level of the field. Participants will be encouraged to adopt problem based learning to see how insights from research are applied to real world issues. The academic sessions will combine varied activities, discussions as well as interactive sessions. The study of the mind is one of the most exciting areas of medical science, and this Psychology summer school will provide valuable insight into this field of study. This programme is recommended for students considering undergraduate study in Psychology and related subjects.

More about Immerse Summer Programmes:

Enrolment for Immerse programmes 2019 are now open and students aged 11 and above are welcome to enrol at

Immerse in Cambridge 2019: Academic summer programmes held in Cambridge University colleges:

Immerse academic programmes take place at inspiring locations across the UK, including colleges of Cambridge University, and are designed and taught by tutors from world leading universities. Participants attend from around the world, and our carefully designed curricula not only stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity and challenge their expectations in their own ability, but will also motivate and support them as they embark on decisions about their university studies, and future goals.

Our 16-18 year old programmes are intellectually stimulating and intensive, and are designed to provide a unique taster of what it’s like to study a subject at university level. Our 13-15 year old programmes are designed to ignite students’ interest and help them better understand what subjects they should be pursuing at a higher level. Choose from over thirty subject options, including Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Psychology and Engineering.

Immerse is accredited by the British Accreditation Council, and has been recognised by the Queen having been awarded a Queen’s Award in 2018.

To find out more and to enrol. You can access our short-form prospectus by clicking hereAlternatively, you can download a full version of our prospectus by clicking here



With only limited test dates to take the test. Book your slot with the Counselors’ on the top floor of the Learning Centre. DP1s it is highly important for scholarships. Take advantage!

SAT 2018-2019 TEST DATES

6 Oct. 2018 31 Aug.  2018
3 Nov. 2018* 14   Sept.  2018
1 Dec. 2018 12 Oct.  2018
9 March 2019** 18 Jan.  2019
4 May 2019 5 April 2019* Global deadline

                        SAT SUBJECT TESTS ONLY *,  REGULAR SAT ONLY **



8 Sept. 2018 25 Jul. 2018
27 Oct. 2018 7 Sept. 2018
8 Dec. 2018 12 Oct. 2018
9 Feb. 2019 29 Nov. 2018
13 April 2019 15 Feb. 2019

 Valid unexpired passport only! No other IDs acceptable and no photocopies’ please.

DP1s!! Remember that taking these tests now, frees up your time so you can focus on your IB DP requirements in DP2 without being distracted and having to combine it with SAT & ACT Test prep! A word to the wise…..

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CAS Projects – Millicent’s Open Heart Surgery

Twelve year’s old *Millicent Ibrahim*, suffers from a hole in heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. The total cost of her surgery, anesthesia, medication, etc. is GHC 46.000. Her single mother cannot in any means afford to pay for her life save surgery. She live at Kotobabi, her mummy is unemployed and she stay with her grandparents. Millicent loves Jollof Rice and chicken, pink is her favorite colour. Even thou most times she is not well and can’t attend classes Millicent loves to go to school, she is thriving in class 6 at Little Rose School, being one of the best science student, she said she want to be a Soldier when she grow up.

Even her monthly consultation and medication is a challenge for the family. Millicent needs our help. This is why we are humbly pleading with the TIS family to help us raise the money needed for her open heart surgery.

Together we can, make a difference in her life.

The clock is ticking.  *We are Millicent’s hope.*

Baaba, Ayeyi, Davina (Grade 11) Community Service (CAS) project

Millicent’s Fundraiser – UPDATES

A huge thank you to the TIS community for the support in raising funds for Millicent’s surgery.

Our aim is to raise: GHC 46.000

So far we have raised GHC 32,421.20

To meet our target we need GHC 13,578.80

You can support in kind or cash. We are Millicent’s HOPE.

Contact our Coordinator Mrs. King [email protected] or +233 244615255


Happy Easter!!!