Dear Parent

TIS Re-registration

In order to ensure the accuracy of our student numbers for 2019/2020, parents should have received an email today to complete the re-registration of their child/children by 30 April. To confirm enrolment for next year, parents will be required to complete basic contact data to ensure current data on MB is accurate. Please use the specific link provided in the email.

You will enter this data on OpenApply (OA) which is MB’s younger sibling. It is user-friendly, however, if you have any issues, please contact Rita, or myself.

Current Grade 10 students: I expect all G10 students to continue into the IB Diploma Program in Grade 11. What about the results from the IGCSE? They are an indicator for best choice of subjects and the appropriate level – Standard or Higher. However, both programs (IG and DP) are complete opposites, so students who may not have enjoyed IG will often thrive in DP. Nothing beats the DP experience and all G10 students will have the opportunity to commence the full Diploma Programme from the start of G11. I am happy to discuss options and choices with any parent who may have any questions.

Your cooperation and timeliness will always be appreciated.

~ Dr Ken Darvall.

IB Learner Profile Attribute of the Month

The keywords that reflect being Principled are: integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, respect, values and responsibility.

Everyone has responsibilities in whichever community they find themselves. Each community has its own set of values which must be respected. We must appreciate that others may share different values to us, but we must respect their differences and treat all with fairness and justice. We should always be honest in what we say and do, while the ultimate test is integrity, as what you do when no one is watching you will reveal the authentic person, a principled individual.

A principled person will make the world a better place as they respect differences among other people and will not take advantage of them. ~Dr. Ken Darvall (Principal)

Principles are there to guide you in every lesson. People will do the old things and when principles are not regulated, it reflects in the performance of the students. ~Mr. Amoah (Music)

 Principle in music, we set high standards and make sure we go by it. Doing the right thing at the right time and working to perfection. Emmanuel O.Owusu (Music)

Principle is a centre point in all decision when I interact with my team members, students and parents. For Diploma students, Principle as a learner profile will be evident when they practise academic honesty. In all subjects, the students can decide on the right course of action, when they want to do service project. ~Mr. Chander Dev (DP Coordinator)


 Principled learner Profile attribute is exhibited in science in the following ways.

During scientific investigations, scientists take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them. It takes a PRINCIPLED student –scientist to follow strictly protocols for a scientific investigation. A scientist who disregards hazard symbols bears the consequences of not abiding by the rule. Scientists also act with integrity and honesty in their research. Scientific research must not be skewed for personal, group, or political gains. ~Mr.Dzongor (HOD Science)

As Head of Admin. and responsible for personnel issues, etc. the IB Learner profile attribute- Principled – is a key tool I employ in the discharge of my day to day duties. For the majority of the time, my interactions are with colleagues on one issue or the other which require that I be fair and balanced at all times; being principled fortunately affords that needed luxury. ~Mr. Torkornoo (Head of Admin)

I think that a principled person is someone who has integrity and is honest in all aspects of their life. A principled person is someone who wishes to achieve fairness and justice in their community as well as respecting individuals, groups or their surroundings. As a principled person, you should be able to take full responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences that follow. For the past 2 years, since I’ve been exposed to the learner profile, I’ve been trying to apply them in my school life and beyond. During school hours, I try to respect the opinions of others when in groups. Also, when submitting work, I try to cite my sources in order not to plagiarize because there are consequences that follow. I have learnt to accept some of the mistakes I have made and to use the consequences to make me a better person. ~Nadia Bawumia (Grade 9)

The International Baccalaureate defines the Principled people as people who “act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them.”

To me, to be principled means to undergo an action veraciously and take responsibility for any effects it may have, either positive or negative. It also means that before taking an action, you must understand the effect that it will have on other people first.

In TIS, this term has impacted me the most because every action must be considered. For example, if I was to pour water on the floor, I would have no other choice but to clean up after myself because I am certain that no one else would do it for me.

Five years, if you had told me that I would become this independent, I would have probably laughed really hard, but now thanks to the IB Learner Profile especially “ Principled, Caring, Open-Minded and being an Inquirer” I can definitely say that I am ready for what the world has to offer.

Hopefully, when I go to University, I won’t have to worry about being principled because I feel as though, self-implementing it in TIS has become so habitual, that it would just be another one of my amazing traits 😊. Gabriella Manu (Grade 12)

We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences”. Being principled is a learning process that requires utmost discipline. It requires adherence to standing laws and regulations. It involves expunging the default human traits- selfishness.  It involves embracing the highest call to love until it becomes a habit, a culture

Being able to differentiate the wrongs from the rights, stand for justice even if it means standing ALONE! All makes up the ability of being principled. Integrity is a fundamental value for universities and colleges and luckily, TIS embodies the spirit of academic honesty and integrity. Over your years in TIS, we have learnt to put off the human selfishness nature to attain a principled culture. We have overcome negative influences and risen above the dust. We are diligent, we are principled! ~Mife Fajemirokun (Grade 12)

 24/7 we are constantly surrounded by classmates, teachers, parents, family and friends and we seldom get time to spend alone with our thoughts and actions. As this realization dawns on me, I begin to realize the importance of the quality of my actions when no one is watching. What do I do when no one is watching? This can be related to being principled. Merriam Webster describes being principled as a rule or code of conduct, a habitual devotion to right principles.

I believe in the TIS community, one of the main values that we are constantly being instilled with is the art of being principled and I strongly believe that this is something that does not only apply to life in school but to many situations I find myself in. I can see myself in the future making a positive change in the lives of Ghanaians by transforming the health sector, seeking not my own comfort but that of the people of Ghana. And this means I do not cut corners but do things the right way. I see this transformation coming to a successful end because Akua did make being principled her character. ~Akua Okyere (Grade 11)

The IB defines a principled person as someone who “Acts with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them”. I believe that in order to be principled in school, you should follow the rules and regulations of the school, listen to instructions given by any form of authority, be responsible and honest in and out of the classroom, act with kindness and just be an overall good student. TIS has taught me a lot of principles of life that will not only help me make an impact in school, but also in everywhere I go, like being organized, open-minded to other people’s perspectives, opinions and choices, generous, caring for others and reflective of my actions and these principles have shaped me and are still shaping me to be a good IB learner, citizen of TIS and citizen of the world. ~Frimpomaa (Grade 11)

To me, the IB learner profile attribute which is principled means that students act with uprightness and genuineness, with a solid feeling of decency, equity, and regard for the poise of the individual, gatherings, and networks. They assume liability for their own behaviour and the outcomes that go with them. They also accept and respect people for who they are. I think that the IB learner profile attribute which is principled can be applied in school life by students trying to apply all of the above. For example in TIS, students can apply the IB learner profile attribute which is Principled by acting with Integrity which means that they do the right things even when no one is watching and they accept and correct their mistakes.~ Cynthia Abla Nutsuakor (Grade 9)

 Enjoy your Easter break