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Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony

Our Annual TIS Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, 1 June, commencing at 10.00am. Students may commence their summer vacation at the conclusion of this event (and not before.)

It’s – A Lady’s Thing! – The Power Of Undergarment- Camisole

 Have you ever wondered, standing up, stretching your arms, slipping off the floor accidentally or probably picking something from the floor? What happens? The upper part of your body is always revealed! As a girl grows up, she is taught everything she needs to know about the dressing sense and style. Wearing camisoles forms an essential part of dressing.

In T.I.S, we prepare students for the future. It is of great importance to address issues of appropriate dressing at this stage as girls aspire to become women poised with class, finesse, and excellence.

 To our future CEOs and managers, the important reasons for wearing a camisole:

  • Presentable looks begin with a comfortable foundation. Camisoles are a great invention! While being comfortable and soft to wear, they provide the right base for looking beautiful in a dress.
  • Covers you up when you lose a button unintentionally.
  • Boosts your confidence as you bend or move about your daily activities.
  • No matter how unacknowledged their contribution goes camisoles take care of all the contours of women’s body keeping her comfortable at all times.
  • If it is a formal shirt, a school uniform, casual top camisoles ensure a proper fit at all times
  • They are the quintessential comfort wear that remains unmentionable throughout their lifecycle. Most suitable colours are black and white.
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ATTENTION GIRLS! We urge you to always wear camisole underneath your every attire especially school uniforms!

Message to IB2s – We will miss you!!!

Excellva is one IB2 I am going to remember all the time. She is the only IB2 who makes us disciplined. When it comes to work, she really puts in all the energy to engage all of us. Nanette – Grade 7

Personally, I have learned a lot from all these IB2s based on their actions and experiences. Honestly I will miss Mamle Kwao, Timone Twum-Ampofo and Kwadwo Ohemeng. They have really inspired me and made me a better person. –Nana Aba Egyei-Mensah, Grade 7

I will miss Suraya, Ohene, Ashley and Timone because they have been good role models to me. Suraya listens to me when I am sad. They all listen to me whenever I had a problem. I will miss them dearly. – Jessie, Grade 7

I will remember Matthew the most because he is just the perfect older brother.  Cyrus King, Grade 9

The IB2s I will miss so so much are Gabriella, Zara, Madge, Frances, Matthew, Alhaji, Fauziah, Rachel, Timone and Mife. All these people have made an impact in my life that I will never forget. From helping me settle down in school to watching out for me throughout my school life. I will really miss them and I hope they have a wonderful experience at their respectful universities. I thank them for all the good things they did for me.  Raissa, Grade 9

The IB2s I will miss the most are Abena Okai, Gabriella & Excellva because honestly these 3 IB2s have taught me a lot. Abena and Excellva have taught me to be a balanced person. Excellva has taught me to be a better person although we have our ups and downs. Best of luck in your exams! I believe you can make it wherever you want to be. Cynthia, Grade 9

Excellva, Zara, Asantewa and Delase have been family to me since I came to G10. They always entertain, help and advise me socially and academically. I will miss them when they leave. Adom, Grade 10

I will miss Daniel Asiedu, Descham, Kofi, Samuel Kumi and Ohene the most. These people have always been good to me. I respect them so much yet we have fun.  Tobi, Grade 10

I’m going to miss Ohene, Tiffany, Delasi, Excellva, Zara, John Abbeo and Kofi Sakyi-Addo. In my 2 years at TIS, they have been the most motivational and altruistic seniors in my life. They really offered good advice and support based on their experiences. They set really high standards which I strive to attain in the rest of the years I stay here. I wish them the best of luck and would like to thank them a lot.  Sincerely, Darin, Grade10

Daniel Asiedu, Ohene and Timone. These three people have been so helpful to me since I came to the school. Who would have known that the best of friends would be my seniors? These people have saved my life on several occasions. Without them, Asthma would have been a problem for me and I thank them for that. I will never forget you guys. Emmanuel Akuffo, Grade10

Zara is a lady who is kind and helpful. Zara taught me many lessons. She corrects me when I am not doing the right thing. Zara is a lady I can never forget about and I will surely miss her. Also Matthew is another IB2 I will miss. He is like a big brother to me. He is the type of person that never allows anyone to cheat or be cheated. He is the one senior most IB1s enjoy talking to. He is respected and liked. I wish all the best wherever he goes from here!  Ibrahim, Grade 11

Matthew has always encouraged me since I entered TIS. He is like a big brother. He has made my journey at TIS a little interesting.  Kodjo Asafu-Adjaye, Grade 11

Rewinding 14 months ago, who would have known Mife, Ohene and Suraya would gradually become the most influential people in my life. From strangers to family and from simple hi’s and bye’s to hours of deep meaningful conversations. Over the months we’ve been friends, we have grown on each other and through thick and thin, we hold each other down. I have shared one of my deepest and sentimental moments with these 3 beautiful individuals. 14 months ago, I had a single brother and 3 sisters. Fast forward to today, I have two brothers and 3 sisters. The beautiful memories and endless moments shared among us will forever burn in my heart. McKevin, Grade 11

Throughout my stay in TIS, I have always had my brother beside me, hence it saddens me to see him leave. I will miss Daniel Asiedu the most because he is one of the few IB2s who have had my back throughout. I love you Daniel and I hope that Uni treats you well! Princess Asiedu, Grade 11

Enjoy the rest of your day