Dear Parents

Easter Weekend Break

Students and staff will commence the Easter long weekend from 4.30pm on Wednesday, 17 April, and return by 5.00pm on Monday, 22 April.

Exam candidates may remain in the hostels over the Easter break if they wish to continue their studies over this ‘long weekend’. Parents must advise hostel parents by COB Monday if you would like your son or daughter to remain at TIS, instead of spending Easter at home or with family.

DP Theatre Participates in a Performance Workshop with Framewalk at UEW

On the 9 April, I participated in a Performance Workshop, organized by Framewalk, a cross-cultural performance group. The workshop was held at the premises of University of Education, Winneba, and comprised of Theatre, Dance and Music classes. I did not understand why as a Theatre student, I had to partake in all three classes. But this thought changed after experiencing them. Interestingly, most of the things I learnt from the workshop were from the Dance and Music classes, which. I can incorporate into my theatre performances. From the Dance class, I now have more control of my body and it has giving me amazing ideas for my devised work. In the music class I was to play the drums.  At first it was quite complicated but as soon as I began to concentrate it all became very easy and now I know how to control the beat and know the suitable time to raise the beat off, reduce it and it might surprise you to know how much that is really needed in theatre with your voice. (Portia McDave – DP 1 Theatre Student)

My theatre class took a recent trip to the University of Education, Winneba to engage in a theatre workshop. We were given the opportunity to be included through the process leading up to a performance. We went through all three aspects of theatre: song, dance and acting. The dance class was my favourite experience. The dance created was based on finding connections with someone. I was introduced to moves I had never come in contact with. Initially, I struggled to do them but as I kept practising, they became easier. I learnt that with a positive mindset and perseverance, achieving my end goal is not beyond me. (Christal Perdison – DP 1 Theatre Student)

Reading Club                          

 “In reading club, we were able to discuss current affairs and keep up to date with information. When we finished we sat outside and each of us was given a short story to read. Each story had a lesson to be learnt and we were able to relate it to an IB learner profile attribute. My story was, “Royal Servant”, and the IB learner profile attribute I identified was knowledgeable. I can also relate the story to a real life situation. And finally, we talked a little bit about how reading affects us and the importance of reading”.  Nana Ama Boakye (Grade 9)

 “Today at reading club we looked at the current issues happening in and outside of Ghana and we were tasked to talk about the ones that caught our attention. I spoke about a grandmother and her birth story. Later on, we read short stories and I learnt a very important lesson saying don’t dig a whole too deep for your enemy that you may fall in. The IB Learner profile attribute I identified was Caring”.  Dzidzor Mac-Deh (Grade 7)

 “This reading club meeting was fun and very educational. We read some short stories and went to the current affairs corner. I learnt a lot of new things and latest news. This reading was very interesting and I am proud reading club member”.  Afua Osei Boakye (Grade 7)

 “During this week’s meeting, in the reading club, we had a lot of fun, reading short stories and current affairs. I got to find out things around the world I have never known which was fun, and I got to learn new vocabulary which I wasn’t familiar with. I hope next week is better, and a whole lot of more fun”.   Nana Yaa Owusu Manu (Grade 7)      

“Today’s reading club meeting was fun. First, we moved to the current affair wall in the Learning Centre and looked at the current issues going on around us. Then we moved to the garden to read some interesting short stories aloud to each other. Finally, we shared our opinions about why we think reading is important and I think in all, it was very insightful”. Tiffany Forson (Grade 7)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.