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Easter Weekend Break

Students and staff will commence the Easter long weekend from 4.30pm on Wednesday, 17 April, and return by 5.00pm on Monday, 22 April.

School Play Audition – Expectations of students and staff

I feel a lot of students would want to audition for the various roles in this year’s school play because Beauty & the Beast was amazing. I think the HOC, Akua could play the role of Anansewa very well because she is confident and can also speak her mother-tongue (Twi) very well- Nana Yaa, Grade 7

Although I expect that a lot of people show up for Sunday’s auditions, I feel it won’t be as much as auditions for “The Slaves”. I also think Andrew Opuni will make a better Ananse in the play because he is funny and dramatic- Masere, Grade 8

I feel a lot of people will audition for the role because we like trying new things. Since this play is based on a Ghanaian plot, I think everyone will want to try and I also think the HOC can play the Anansewa role best- Nana Korantema, Grade 9

Joseph, Grade 10, can act as Ananse for the school play. He’s a jokester and plays tricks in real life. He is very funny as well. Also I feel turn up for auditions because everyone wants to be in school plays- Lydia, Grade 10

I am expecting a lot of students to show up for the auditions so that the Directors can pick from the very best for the school play. – Diana, TA

I expect an outstanding performance that can beat Beauty & the Beast. For the auditions, I feel Daniel Quampah can play the role of Ananse better because he is naturally funny and witty like the Ananse character and also Ayeyi Hammond may be able to play the role of Anansewa because she looks like she could pull it off- Timone, Grade 12

For this year’s school play, I expect that we keep the TIS standard of unbeatable performances. I look forward to an outstanding performance. I feel Akua Okyere’s decorous posture sets her out as a suitable candidate for the role of Anansewa, besides her command over the Ghanaian language (Twi) will be very useful in the play. Joseph Agyemang could also play the role of Ananse well because he enjoys pranks- Grace Attram, CAS

John Ato in Grade 10 can play Ananse very well because he is very funny but I think they may not give him the role because he was the lead character in one of our plays a few years back. And Korantema G9 could also do well as Anansewa – JB, Grade 10

I’m personally unsure whether a lot of students will audition for the play this year. I can’t tell if TIS students will appreciate anything than a Broadway production. But maybe I’ll be surprised at the turn out. With regards to music, the team is ready to take interested students through the process of learning Ghanaian traditional music. All they need is to put in the effort – Yaw Ankama, Music


The Marriage of AnansewaDirectors’ Vision

Auditions will be held at the sports complex on 14 April 2019 for ‘THE MARRIAGE OF ANASEWAA. People everywhere are still talking about last year’s play (Beauty and the Beast) and we hope that the fire is still burning in order to get more people to come to the auditions. We have absolutely no one in mind for any of the roles but hopefully at the end of the audition we will have a role in mind for everyone. I know it’s going to be amazing and I know we are going to see a lot of talented ones embrace their culture and show us a different side of them. We know it’s going to be a blast. Don’t miss it- Portia McDave, Grade 11 (Director)

Auditions for “The Marriage of Anansewa” will be held on 14 April at the Sports complex. As a student director, I expect the auditions to be nothing short of fascinating, with students ready to take risks and not being afraid to try new things. People who are ready to take up any challenge that is brought to them with no questions asked. As this is a Ghanaian play packed with a lot of Ghanaian culture, we strive to audition people who are creatively diverse; who can sing, dance, act and drum. Above all, we look forward to surpassing the level at which Beauty and the Beast stands and make The Marriage of Anansewa the new hot topic of Ghana. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!!!!- Christal Perdison, Grade 11 (Director)

How would you feel if you parent’s sell you off into marriage? How about if the would-be-husband is your Prince Charming? Is Akwasi right to claim Akosua as his wife, just because Akwasi showers gifts on Akosua, even though they are not married?

In a world where materialism is prioritized over humanity, people will do anything and everything to live in affluence; even if it means sacrificing their beloved.

Through folkloric storytelling and humour, The Marriage of Anansewa mirrors some cankers that are eating into the socio-cultural fabric of society. Efua Sutherland challenges performers and the audience of this play to reflect over what matters most to society to ensure a positive socio-cultural progress and development.

I invite students and staff to participate in the audition of this play, on

Sunday 14 April 2019, 2pm at the TIS Sports Complex.

Play auditions at Tema International School always provide enabling platforms that unearth talents. Through a variety of fun packed activities, they pitch their strengths against one another to justify their inclusion into the cast and crew list.

This year’s audition promises much more fun and we look forward to more discoveries – Ebenezer, Theatre (Director)

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