Dear Parents

We Will Miss The IB2s

Mamle is one of the IB2 students I am really going to miss. I am so grateful I got to be friends with her. In the two years that I have been friends with her, I have learnt to be very disciplined and always work towards my goals. One of the reasons why I am never going to forget her is because of how much genuine interest she has shown in my academic and emotional wellbeing. She inspires me every day to be a better version of myself and I am very grateful to have her in my life. Aku Addo, Grade 11

One IB2 who has taught me a lot is Abi. She is very humble and respectful. I watch her from a far and I know that I will grow up to thank her. I am trying to follow in her footsteps but sometimes I struggle. All the same, thank you Abi.  Chelsea, Grade 9

Thanks to all the IB2s for teaching me to be free spirited.  Deborah, Grade 9

Alhaji, Kekeli, Frances, Kirk and Maame Ama have been really caring. They genuinely think about others and are also able to bring up my spirit and motivate me to do better. I can’t imagine TIS without them. Nana Korantema, Grade 9

I will miss Katey and Steven the most because they are very caring and have served as a brotherly figure respectively. Andrew, Grade 8

We will miss Frances because her personality resonates with us. Also, she is funny and exciting. Emmanuella & Cheryl, Grade 10

I will miss Ashley Cooper because she is a nice person, Hannibal because he always made me happy, Gabriella and Matthew because they were caring and supportive towards me. – Awurabena, Grade 9

IB Class of 2019 Farewell Trip 

It’s that time of the year when our School Founder, Mrs. Comfort Adjavon looks forward to giving a very special treat to the graduating class. The trip is an opportunity for the class to reflect on their experiences throughout their journey in TIS, celebrate one another and finally relax after their hectic exams before preparing for their Graduation.

From the 25 to 26 May, the Class will embark on a trip to Ada/Greater Accra.  There are a number of engaging and super fun activities available to them at the Aqua Safari Resort. This trip promises to be one of its kind. A consent letter was sent to parents of the IB class of 2019. Kindly reply given your consent by 15 May.

Ghanaian Sign Language

The best way to learn any language, including Ghanaian Sign Language (GSL) is to immerse yourself in the community where the language is used. Make Deaf friends and attend their social events when invited or visit their schools. You will quickly realize there is a different “Deaf World” to learn about and participate in, provided you make the effort to sign. As a GSL learner, it is up to you to learn the language and culture of the deaf community. You can do this by being open-minded, practising and taking an interest in the Deaf community.

Getting Attention

Getting the attention of the deaf person is different from the way you interact with hearing people. Many hearing people tend to work harder than necessary to gain a Deaf individual’s attention by wildly swinging their hands in the air, stomping the floor, or flashing over- head lights in a strobe- like pattern. None of this is necessary! Gently tapping the deaf person’s shoulder or slightly waving a hand in his direction until you are noticed is most effective and considerate way to get attention.

Enjoy the rest of your day