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PYP: The Youngest IB Sibling

TIS is authorised to offer the Diploma Programme (DP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP). TIS became the second school in Ghana to become an authorised MYP School in 2018. Importantly MYP will provide a much improved transition for students upon commencing DP in Grade 11. We are especially excited to see our current Grade 9 students commence DP in 2020.

In a similar way, we are looking forward to students commencing Kinder 1 at our new Primary School campus in 2019 to when they commence MYP in 2028, and then DP in 2032. They will be truly trailblazers!

Our application for Candidacy as a PYP (Primary Years Programme) school was lodged with IB on 31/3/19.

We hope that approval will be granted by August 2019.

If approved as a Candidate PYP school, the PYP framework will be implemented from Day 1, including teachers using ManageBac, our online Learning Management System.

Subjects will include Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Personal, Social and Health Education. However, these subjects will be viewed under the six transdisciplinary themes and concepts. The six themes are:

  • who we are;
  • where we are in place and time;
  • how we express ourselves;
  • how the world works;
  • how we organize ourselves; and
  • sharing the planet.

PYP is driven by eight key concepts which give the inquiries direction and meaning:

  • form: what is it like?
  • function: how does it work?
  • causation: why is it like it is?
  • change: how is it changing?
  • connection: what is the link to other things?
  • perspective: what are the points of view?
  • responsibility: what is our responsibility?
  • reflection: how do we know?

These concepts are timeless (factual examples change, but not the core understanding), universal (so students can apply understandings across cultures, situations and disciplines) and abstract (so students engage in higher order thinking to grapple with central ideas).

For more information on the IB Primary Years Program, please visit:

Fundraiser for Millicent Open Heart Surgery

The Gustoso restaurant session on Tuesday was amazing. Once again Ayeyi, Baaba and Davina were able to mobilize the school community to raise funds for Millicent. These young ladies are committed not only to reach their goal but to create opportunities for others to be involved and understand the important of given. The atmosphere at the Project Centre was amazing. A group of Grade 11 students were servers, cooks, bar tenders and DJs, everyone working together to offer the clients a good time. The food was delicious, Jollof rice, meat balls, honey glazy pork chops, coleslaw salad, French fries, ice cream, plantain chips (thank you Mr. Ollenu), good music and a super chill bisap. They made GHC 1,820.00 profit. Wow! Thank you to each and every one who patronized the event.

Gustoso Restaurant – “Have a bit, save a life”

For VIP, the service and hospitality was superb. I loved the fact that it was cheap yet there was so much served to me that I didn’t order. I also liked how experienced the students acted as waiters and waitresses. Overall, it was great! – Lexi, Grade 8

The food was really nice and I was happy that once again my money will be part of saving someone’s life- Caleb Hammond, Grade 9

Healthy Heart, Healthy Life. I felt happy that I wasn’t being selfish with my money; because I felt good for helping someone apart from myself – Anthony, Grade 9

The food sold at the Gustoso restaurant was good. It was a fun way to bond with others. I’m also very proud of my sister and her friends for almost completing their project. – Araba, Grade 9

I decided to help out at the Gustoso restaurant because it was for a good cause. Helping them was a fun experience for me because I got to interact with a lot more people than I would have in a day. Moreover, knowing that they had almost accomplished their goal motivated me to put in my very best to finish hard! – Paddy, Grade 11

Knowing that I played a pivotal role in both cook sales to raise $8000 is an amazing feeling. Something I’ll do over and over. Right now, I’m just itching for Millicent to get better. I wish her a successful Surgery! – Akua Okyere, Grade 11

Another phenomenal experience. The Gustoso experience is always uplifting. It’s the same experience I want for Millicent. I want her to live to enjoy the good things in life. I will never forget this experience in my life time. Ayeyi Hammond, Grade 11

Enjoy the rest of your day.