Dear Parent


  • To all students on completing the 2018/2019 academic year. Reflect on your journey to prepare yourself for greater success in 2019/2020.
  • The Smile for All and the Edusani service project teams on reaching the semi-final stage in the Global Social Leaders competition.

Grade 10

For our G10 students, don’t look for the soft options next year. DP is too hard? I can get into university quicker by doing foundation courses!

Three reasons why I expect to see you here next year:

  1. You are part of the TIS family.
  2. The DP is the gold passport to university.
  3. The DP is doable, if you are consistent and focused.

The students who gain the most, including surprising themselves, are those students who only fare average in the IG, because of your choice of subjects and the opportunity for your initiatives to shine through. Check any G12 biographies. They bust the DP myth that initially frightens off students.

Don’t forget to email me the list of possible subjects and levels for DP so you can access Kognity during the break.

The Inquirers

I congratulate our G12 Inquirers on their journey to date. Thank goodness for the TIS Alumni Association, so that it is au revoir and not adieu. We all look forward to three things: your future success; your continuing involvement with the TIS Family as Alumni; and your visits home to TIS, whenever you are in town.

Thank you for all the special memories you leave me with. Continue to make us proud. And don’t forget to thank your parents at the end of tomorrow’s event for everything they have done to ensure you have reached this milestone in life. Thank you, Inquirers, for sharing your important reflections (soon.)

Thanks for being part of the TIS family