Dear Parents

G10Taster Days
G10 students will enjoy a smaller final examination window in 2020 as they become the pioneer cohort to complete MYP5 eAssessments.
This pioneer group will also enjoy a smoother transition to the Diploma Programme because of their MYP experience.

Following their May eAssessments, G10 students will remain at school so that they can experience DP Taster Days to help them determine their preferred subjects and levels in G11.

This will be a unique experience for our newest DP students.

During these Taster Days, each student will experience full lessons across all subjects so they can select their final choices in August with confidence, as well as accessing the relevant Kognity textbooks during the summer break.

Admissions Update: Re-Enrolment for 2020/2021
Re-enrolment for the next academic year, 2020/2021 commences today, 1 March.

The purpose of this process is to determine the available vacancies across all current grades for the new academic year.

It is a simple exercise. Parents will receive an email that requires a response: accepting or declining re-enrolment.

The deadline is 31 March 2020. Vacancies will be based on the total number of available places minus the total number of acceptances. A nil response will be considered as declining enrolment. Please advise me if you require any assistance with this process.

Replacement Devices
Unfortunately, some students are requesting replacement devices when there is no need for such a request, except for ulterior motives. Our IT technicians are happy to advise parents if they are surprised by any request for a new device. There is no particular brand that is endorsed by TIS. This decision is always an individual matter.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Dr. Ken Darvall