Dear Parents

Please take note of the following

Making Us Proud

  • Our Triple As: Absolutely Awesome Alumni who spent time last week by interacting with students and providing valuable insights into best practice in terms of learning, commitment, university selection and self-management. Thank you, Alumni, for making this year’s Alumni Week Celebration a truly memorable one.
  • Mamle, Tiffany, Stephanie-Louise, Heman and Delase on their outstanding early offers.
  • John Amaniampong, proud parent, who is sponsoring the basketball coaching in preparation for the ISSAG Carnival on 26 January.

Student Council Elections

These elections will determine our student council executive for the next 12 months. Vetting of nominations has been took place last week and the ratified leadership nominations was completed last Friday. The purpose of the vetting is to ensure nominees will be role models for others, and be able to fulfil their responsibilities, without a detrimental impact on their DP requirements and performance.

Election manifestos will be held on 14 January and elections will then be conducted over the next four days. The Leadership Induction Service will be held on Sunday, 27 January.

Nominees are reminded about the Election Code of Conduct.

  • No gifts (tshirts, drinks, cakes, etc.)
  • No outside printing. Advertising must be on A4 paper only, printed at the bookshop, and placed on the white screens in the canteen and project centre areas. No evidence is to be found elsewhere. Breaches will result in a nomination being rescinded.

Enjoy the rest of your day.