Dear Parent

Outstanding Accounts

A reminder that outstanding fees must be paid before students return to hostels on 30 March, unless arrangements have been made with Kobina Quansah, our Financial Controller. Final payments must be made by 28 March. Please email a copy of payment receipt to Mr Quansah to avoid hassles on 30 March.

Identification Labelling

Students are required to have their belongings appropriately labelled for identification purposes. Too many students are careless about leaving their belongings in the wrong place (not their lockers) and then not remembering where they left them. Often, items left around the school, especially power cables and chargers, are claimed by students who think an item belongs to them.

To assist students in the identification of lost and found items, parents are requested to ensure all items are clearly labelled when school resumes after this mid-semester break. This includes belts, socks and jocks.

TIS (Primary School Campus)

Admissions opened last Saturday at TIS Expression 2019. Please visit:

The first stage of the Primary School will open in September for Preschool classes (Kinder 1,2 and 3) as well as Grades 1-3.

Stage 2 will open in September 2020 when Grades 4-6 will be opened.

TIS is currently applying for Candidacy as a PYP (Primary Years Programme) school.

For more information email: [email protected]

York University Accepted Students’ Dinner @Marriott Hotel Accra

What a pleasant evening it was at the York University (Canada) Accepted Students Reception and Information Session, on Saturday evening, 16 March 2019. Accepted students were accompanied by their parents as they graced the evening. York University’s International Recruitment Officer- Madam Emi Morita together with the Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, Mr. Blanc, were present.

Kudos to Samuel Kumi and Ivan Adjovu, for making us proud, as they won a Kahoot competition at the event. They won 1st and 2nd place respectively out of over 20 accepted students who contested, in a “what do you know” Kahoot quiz about York University. According to US News & World Report Annual Rankings of Best Countries, as at 2018, Canada ranks 3rd  in terms of quality of life, great entry markets for business, family life and continuity, income equality, well developed educational and public health system in a safe and secure environment.

Community Project Update:  Educate them Young

This is an impressive Community Project to pay school fees for at a least one person at Save Them Orphanage. During the Investigation stage, Seyram and Phoebe were sad to learn that at least 12 of the children at Save Them Young Orphanage were not in school because the home could not afford it. Feeling privileged to experience an IB education, the girls decided to gather funds over time in order to pay at least the school fees of 3 persons. This is the only project that will be ongoing until the team hands over the beneficiary to another mission. To date, GHC 1,223 has been raised from 3 fundraisers and we hope to raise more during Expression. They have received 2 prospectus from prospective schools, weighing the options and hopefully by the start of the new academic year, the team will be able to sponsor a child or more. They shared pledge forms at their stand and have scheduled dates for subsequent fundraisers. You will receive updates on the fee payments in due time. Don’t forget to pick a pledge a form at the stand when you come on Saturday.


The main ATL skills we have developed so far are communication, research and self-management. We think that these ATL skills that we picked have guided us throughout the project and have helped us maintain a clear goal. We exhibited the communication skills by interacting with the different children during the investigation stage to know their needs.  We also interacted with different adults as we had to talk them into donating money to our cause.

We were able to exhibit research skills by researching the best ways to raise funds quickly, as well as the best and most affordable schools for the children to go too. -Phoebe & Seyram


Faith, Love and Wisdom were the three words that stuck with me when I disembarked from Flight 7. Through the creativity of Nana Anoff, I was able to see the world through a different perspective. Flight 7 was very inspiring and it really spoke to me and its words shall never depart from me- Valerie G12

Creative Piece! Majestic! Nanof you have done a great job. When I entered Flight 7, the only difference from a real plane is that it is more creative and innovative. I especially loved the cockpit because the ideas on there were amazing! My perspective on it is WOW- Moyosola G8

So I really enjoyed my experience on the Flight 7 because this was my first Expression. It was a big blast. The idea of the flight was very creative and attractive. I was excited to have had my turn on it – Winston G7

Flight#7 is a journey from a plane wreck to an art work. It only tells us that we can always salvage a bad situation. It is the only flight that has sewing machines in its cockpit as control wheels. Flight 7 should fly one day with a tailor and a seamstress as pilots- Edem Amenoo, Teaching Staff

I noticed the flight was made of scraps and things that were not of value. This demonstrates that in life, we can make great things out of any situation in which we find ourselves. Also, there are ups and downs in life but altogether it makes you stronger. Flight#7 is an awesome piece in general. Nothing I’ve seen before! – Sophia, Kitchen Staff

Although I did not have the chance to go on the plane, I always see it on my way in and out of the school. I think it is a brilliant work. It must have taken a lot of time, but it looks beautiful. Maybe, when I get some time, I will go and have a look at what is inside – Francis, Kitchen Staff

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.