Dear Parent

Elmonds Ltd – GAME NIGHT initiative – Business CAS project

The game night ELMONDS Ltd hosted was super fun. It took a lot of hard work from everyone in the company, and a lot of back and forth with Dr. Ken, but we did it, lol. Although the turn out wasn’t what we were hoping, especially for the movie, we are grateful for the experience and for everyone who came to support. We hope that more people will come the next time. Aku Adogon Addo – (Secretary)

On March, ELMONDS Ltd. hosted a game night for a cool 5 Ghana Cedis per match. We had a range of games available such as Fifa 19, NBA 2K18 and many others. We also showed an African movie titled, The King is Mine, at a price of 5 Ghana Cedis per person. All in all, the night was quite a successful one as we made some money and brought joy to the students. On behalf of ELMONDS Ltd, we would like to say a big thank you to all those who showed up. Hope to see you again! Dwayne Gyateng – (Finance Director)

The game night was very refreshing and successful. People were so happy to finally release all their stress and genuinely have fun. We were able to set up a nice and cozy environment for this to take place in, it started at 7 and we had NBA, FIFA and Fortnight. Most people played FIFA but at the end we were able to get some profit from all the games. All in all, the games night turned out successful. – Germain Kwakye – Grade 11

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Enjoy the rest of the day and see you at tomorrow’s 3 way interview.