Dear Parent

Exam Candidates Service/Visiting Sunday

There will be an exam candidates’ service on Sunday, 7 April, commencing at 11.00am. It will conclude by 1.00pm.

To coincide with the exam candidates’ service, there will be Visiting Sunday from 1.00-5.00pm on the same day. Please note that there will be no entry after 4.00pm.

Identification Labelling

Students are required to have their belongings appropriately labelled for identification purposes. Too many students are careless about leaving their belongings in the wrong place (not their lockers) and then not remembering where they left them. Often, items left around the school, especially power cables and chargers, are claimed by students who think an item belongs to them.

To assist students in the identification of lost and found items, parents are requested to ensure all items are clearly labelled when school resumes after this mid-semester break. This includes belts, socks and jocks.

ALAMAU 2019 Reflections

The ALAMAU trip has been very beneficial to me. I have learnt so many things especially being confident and learning how to speak. When I arrived at the Indaba Hotel for the conference, I thought I would not be able to speak during my conference sessions but the coordinators put so much confidence in me to the extent I spoke in every debate raised. I was in the social affairs and health committee and represented the Republic of Tanzania. We spoke about the issues in Africa concerning women such as poor maternal health care facilities and abortion. I was able to socialize and make friends from people all over Africa. I interacted with people from South Sudan, Kenya, Tunisia, Uganda and Nigeria. This is an experience I will never forget and with this experience. I believe public speaking and writing won’t be a challenge for me anymore. ~Nana Ofori

The night before the trip, I was so excited  to leave, as TIS gave me the opportunity to travel by myself for the first time. The flight was long and tiring. Every second in the plane felt like an eternity as I was eagerly waiting to start my journey as the delegate of South Africa in my committee. The first day of the conference was terrifying. I met so many new faces from countries around the world. Delegates from Nigeria, Guinea, South Africa, Ghana, America, etc. Many of these delegates had MUN experience (something I had never done before), so I began to question whether I really stood a chance at winning at award here.

I was shy at first, only speaking when my Committee Chairperson placed me on the speakers list by force. But after a few statements, I began to find my rhythm. Lucky for me, one of my confident friends (Chelsea Bada) was placed in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development committee as well. She really helped me a lot!

The next few days were a breeze. Thanks to my newly developed confidence, I was able to confidently partake in all my sessions. Thanks to ALAMAU, I can now debate on issues critically to make intellectual conclusions. This is definitely a trip I will never forget!! ~Victor Owusu

Enjoy the rest of your day.