Dear Parents


As parents, are you regularly accessing ManageBac (MB) to monitor your son’s and or daughter’s performance at school. MB makes parents feel as if they are in the room next to their son/daughter. You know when they are late or absent from class. You know when they have assessments due. You can read teachers’ comments for these assessments. If you need assistance, please email me at: [email protected]

Chocolate Friendship Day Preps

There is a quote by Bob Marley that says, “True friends are like stars; you can only recognize them when it is dark around you”

It’s raining chocolates in TIS! As a school tradition, in the month of February which is globally known as the month of love, students use the opportunity to show their appreciation and love to their friends and teachers. A group of IB1s as part of their experiential learning, organise the cause, the list of items, the tally, the labeling and packaging of chocolates and gifts that have been ordered for respective recipients. This year’s theme is Lean on me; a concept that is geared towards true friendship and bonding. Profit or proceeds realised from this sale will support the Tetteh Ocloo School of the Deaf.

Last thursday, our co-founder Mrs. Comfort Ajavon gave everyone a bar of Golden Tree chocolate during lunch to symbolize her love for the TIS Community (All Staff & Students). Staff and students also received a bar of Kit Kat from our Principal, Dr. Ken Darvall.

The organizers wish to express their sincere appreciation to our Mummy and our Principal on behalf of the school community.

This year there are symbolic gifts items like Mugs, Pouches, Key rings and friendship stickers. The most ordered item is Kit-Kat and the least are the pouches. The organisers worked around the clock to make sure delivery was on Saturday morning. The night’s entertainment was a night of fun, raffle, dance and games to commemorate the celebration of friendship.

Enjoy the rest of your day.