Dear Parent

Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony

Our Annual TIS Achievers’ Day and Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, 1 June, commencing at 10.00am. Students may commence their summer vacation at the conclusion of this event (and not before.)

The awards this year will be adjusted to align with our commitment: academics, culture, sport and service. All students are expected to demonstrate commitment to each aspect and Achievers’ Day will recognize student achievement and performance in each area. Consistency and commitment will be key criteria. For example, in academics, tardiness to class or the non-submission of assessment tasks do not reflect commitment. Being the only student in a class does not merit an award if consistency and commitment are lacking.

Belt or No Belt?

If you’ve looked in the mirror and wondered:

  • Belts are an essential part of dressing.
  • Belts hold the upper waist of the trousers firmly preventing underwear from revealing.
  • Belt loops always need a belt.
  • A Belt should be replaced once a specific belt hole that is used continuously becomes worn –out.
  • Belts complement dressing. It is very important for students, especially boys to have their shirts perfectly tucked in whenever they are dressed in their uniform or smart casual clothes.

We entreat all boys to have their school shirts neatly tacked in with the belt firmly holding the trousers looking like this.


IB Class of 2019 Farewell Trip 

It’s that time of the year when our School Founder, Mrs. Comfort Adjavon looks forward to giving a very special treat to the graduating class. The trip is an opportunity for the class to reflect on their experiences throughout their journey in TIS, celebrate one another and finally relax after their hectic exams before preparing for their Graduation.

From the 25 to 26 May, the Class will embark on a trip to Ada/Greater Accra.  There are a number of engaging and super fun activities available to them at the Aqua Safari Resort. This trip promises to be one of its kind. A consent letter will be sent to parents of the IB class of 2019. Kindly reply given your consent by 15 May.

Thanks for being part of the TIS family.